[New Study] :Regular Facebook Users Lonely, Narcissistic

According to a study, regular Facebook users have higher levels of family loneliness and tend to be narcissistic, extroverted exhibitionists, while non-users are generally shy and conscientious. In which category are you ?

Researchers from Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) say that,

Facebook gratifies the narcissistic individual’s need to engage in self-promoting and superficial behavior.

People who are lonely tend to be more online. Don’t you think that’s a circle. You feel lonely you are on Facebook most of the times, and as you are on Facebook you won’t go out meet you real friends and continue to be lonely!

Researchers Tracii Ryan and Dr. Sophia Xenos found a correlation between personality types and Facebook use. Due to my personal experience I think to some extent this is true. People who share more photographs want to be seen on Facebook. People who are image conscious share different photographs of themselves, change it regularly and want to get more comments.  On the other end, people who are shy tend to be away on Facebook also.

There are some exceptions though! 😉 What do you think ? Do you act on Facebook the way you are ? Share your view with me.

Published by Himadri Dimri

Editor - rtBlogs Network