[List] 10 Best Chrome Extensions for YouTube Junkies!

YouTube_Chrome_extensionsLong ago, internet was just about checking your email or looking up news in real-time. This all changed after YouTube. Videos were watched more on the computer via internet instead of the television. I am no exception and do occasionally spend a lot of time on YouTube. I also like Chrome as a browser of my choice. So I decided to share 10 great Chrome extensions for someone who spends a lot of time on YouTube.

#1. Turn off the Light


Turn Off the Lights is a neat extension that, when used makes everything around the video go dark. If your computer screen is large then this extension is very handy. It is supposed to replicate how it is to watching a movie in a cinema hall.

Link: Turn Off the Lights Extension

#2. Auto HD for YouTube


Auto HD is a Chrome extension that always plays YouTube videos in HD. This can usually be set to 720p while the secondary quality can be set as default. So if you are bored with turning on the HD for all the videos you play and want it done automatically, get this extension.

Link: Auto HD For YouTube

#3. Fast YouTube Search


Lets say you have the urge to look up a video or search of one while looking up other sites. Fast YouTube Search extension allows you to search for videos without opening a new tab. This can be quite handy to search for videos on the fly and include them in an email.

Link: Fast YouTube Search

#4. Cooliris


Cooliris is a popular extension for looking up images and videos online. We can search for YouTube videos on Cooliris and the best part is, they are presented in a 3D layout.

Link: Cooliris Extension

#5. Auto Replay


Let’s say you love watching a short video over and over again. Install the Auto Replay extension and an auto replay option shows up while you watch videos on YouTube (see image above). This is a must have for a song you want to play over and over again.

Link: Auto Replay

#6. Music Video Lyrics


Now for all those people who watch music videos on YouTube, get Music Video Lyrics on Chrome. As you can see in the image above, while watching a song you can click on the lyrics button near the address bar and get the lyrics.

Link: Music Video Lyrics

#7. No YouTube Comments


Sometimes it is better to ignore all those comments. Many comments on YouTube can be slanderous or in bad taste. Use No YouTube Comments extension on Chrome. This makes sure that when a video is played from YouTube, none of the comments show up.

Link: No YouTube Comments

#8. Smart Video for YouTube


I am sure a slower connection can be quite frustrating when it comes to watching YouTube videos. An easy solution is to use Smart Buffer which makes sure the video is stream in one go and buffering is done in a more controlled method.

Link: Smart Video extension

#9. YouTube Feed


If you have an active YouTube account, then chances are you do subscribe to a few YouTube channels. YouTube Feed shows with a simple click all new videos uploaded by the accounts you are following on YouTube.

Link: YouTube Feed

#10. Stop Auto-Play


With Stop Autoplay extension, the video on YouTube does not start to play automatically. This is useful when you are multi-tasking.

Link: YouTube extension

I am sure there are a few more extensions for YouTube on Chrome, but these are the 10 I have found useful and practical. If you do have more extensions to share, do drop in your comments.


These are some of the other Chrome Extensions that were added to the post after it was published.

#11. Smart Video Enlarger

Smart Video Enlarger allows us to scroll comments while watching videos on Chrome browser. It resizes the video automatically and helps your not lose track of the video.

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vishnu March 30, 2011

awesome post dude. nice extensions:)

Aditya Kane March 30, 2011

Thanks Vishnu, glad you liked the list. Do let me know which one is your favorite? 🙂

rajat March 30, 2011

Is there no extension to download YouTube video ?

Aditya Kane March 31, 2011

I did not find a decent extension to download YouTube videos. When i find one, will let you know. 🙂

Marco April 10, 2011

And what about the YouVid extension? You can download YouTube videos in Google Chrome with that:

John June 11, 2012

You can also try Youtube™ Preview – Is it worth watching?
This extension shows frames of the video one after another(if frames made available by youtube) in a preview pop-up without clicking.