SwiftKey 4 brings gesture-based typing, split keyboard to Android

The new Swiftkey features Flow, letting users gesture type without even lifting finger. Also included are new themes, better word suggestions and lot more.

Swiftkey, one of the most popular keyboards for Android, got updated to 4.0. The new version features gesture-based typing, better word suggestions and more.


Gesture-based typing was one of the big features which Swiftkey missed out previously, especially when even 4.2’s native keyboard had it. With this version, they’ve fixed it, introducing Swiftkey Flow.

There’s also ‘Flow through Space’ which lets you gesture type without even having to lift the finger. It needs a little practise, but once you get used to it, you’ll be able to type super fast. You basically need to swipe from word to word through the space key.

Another neat addition is the split keyboard, which you probably expect on a tablet, but worked comfortably well when I tried on my Galaxy Nexus (should do well on any >4″ device). It splits your keyboard in landscape mode, so you can type faster using two thumbs.

They have also added few themes, including a Holo theme (mimics 4.2’s native keyboard’s interface) which I really liked.

The app is priced at 0.99$ on the Playstore and is available for tablets too. It’s a free update for those who have already bought it.

Link: Swiftkey 4