T-Mobile’s G1 Tweaked for Multi-Touch Support!

tmobile g1 Since having a glimpse on the multi touch feature in Apple’s i-phone, every mobile phone user wanted to see this feature on their Nokia or other branded mobiles too. iPhone was hyped in around the world just because the unique multi-touch feature in it. People just went crazy to have a look and feel on this innovative feature in Apple’s iPhone.

Though multi-touch feature is yet to be announced officially by any other mobile handset manufacturers in the world, but the latest Android OS based T-mobile’s G1 has been tweaked by a software developer for multi-touch support atleast while using GPS and other specified apps.

To make multi-touch feature working on G1, the developer has patched the kernels and flashed the firmware. The developer has posted a detailed guide and a tutorial on how to tweak your G1 to enable multi-touch in it.

Link: Tutorial to enable Multi-Touch on T-Mobile G1

[Via Gizmodo]

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Shyam Mudliar July 29, 2009

Finally the HTC Hero now supports multi-touch