FeedBurner made all Blogs Equal!

feedburner logoMonths ago Google acquired FeedBurner, a service used for managing RSS Feeds of websites, by spending around $100 Million. Though Google have acquired it, things didn’t get better and still complains about this feed burning solution is in.

Recently when I visited the famous Gmail blog, my eyes could not believe the number of feed reader it displayed. For seconds I was astonished and continuously kept asking myself, whether the number of readers displayed is really true? One of the famous Google’s blog that always used to display thousands of readers, displayed ZERO in the reader count chicklet. And I have also taken a screenshot at that moment which I have uploaded herewith.

feedburner issue

Later on when I visited some other popular blogs, there as well the feed count was ‘0’. Infact it was later that I realized that feedburner services were down at that point of time. But what I am worried about is, is such a service filled with flaws and bugs expected by a company that is taken over by the internet giant – Google by spending millions of bucks?


Gautam January 27, 2009

Yea, even I saw that on every blog. It was for about 1-2 days then it was fixed.

Rahul Bansal January 29, 2009

Many times feedburner count fluctuate but this time its zero and that too for all blogs! 😉