ALERT! Malicious Swine Flu Emails on the Rise

Data thieves and spammers want to make the most of every situation. After the sudden and unfortunate outbreak of Swine Flu, looks like the cybercriminals want to capitalize on this situation too. Since the outbreak of the flu, online data stats across the globe suggests that people have been hitting the internet in frenzy looking for Swine Flu related information.

Capitalizing on this, the cybercriminals have been sending infected files to the masses via emails, keying off curiosity about Swine Flu.

How to avoid Google from banning your website?

The saddest day for a webmaster is the day you wake up and find that your website isn’t showing anymore in Google… that you have been a victim of a Google Ban.

This is the worst thing that can happen to your website, especially if you are running a business or a blog through your site.

Akismet Marked Blog Admin/Authors Comments as Spam

Yesterday, I noticed weird behavior form Akismet, spam protection plugin for WordPress, developed by Automattic, the company behind WordPress! Have a look at the following screenshot and you can see my comments filtered as spam.    Just for info, while commenting, I was logged in as Admin. Also comment content had no links or any […]

Can Gmail Labs New Import/Export Filters Feature Kill Spammers?

A new feature is introduced in Gmail Labs recently, which allow us to import/export filters created in Gmail. If used smartly we can create set of Gmail filters which can fight against spam mails like invitation form social networks, chain mails forwarded from your friends, etc.