Akismet Marked Blog Admin/Authors Comments as Spam

Yesterday, I noticed weird behavior form Akismet, spam protection plugin for WordPress, developed by Automattic, the company behind WordPress!

Have a look at the following screenshot and you can see my comments filtered as spam.

  Akismet Marking Blog Admin Comment Spam.png

Just for info, while commenting, I was logged in as Admin. Also comment content had no links or any bad word. In fact, I never used any bad word while commenting anywhere on Internet!

I was shocked to see this behavior by Akismet. It wasted my lots of time. I was wondering what was happening to my comments and I initially though some plugin/script might be creating problem. I spend more than one hour checking server-side error log and access log. In fact, I rebooted this server too. Then accidentally I clicked on spam comment tab and there were my comments!

I am still surprised. I think comments made by registered users/authors should not be sent for spam-check in the first place. Why a post author will spam his own post? Or why an admin who has installed Akismet to fight against comments spam, will think of spamming his own blog!

I am still clueless about Akismet’s behavior. It marked few more comments as spam yesterday. But its working fine now.

Did anyone else face same problem in past?


Pavan Kumar April 2, 2009

I think my previous comment was marked as spam as I used that word in my comment 😛

Rahul Bansal April 3, 2009

Sometime back Thilak from tech-buzz reported that a pingback from my blog to his post went into spam! 🙁