[Stats] 1 Million Spam Pages Created Every Hour on Internet!

A couple of months ago we reviewed Blekko which is new yet rising search service. Blekko was launched on 8th November 2010, and quickly there were comparisons with Google.

This at a time when Google is seeing a dip in its search traffic thanks to some inroads being made by Bing and Twitter search. Another worry that Google has faced are search results linking to spam content. This is done thanks to content farms.

Blekko Search engine has come up with Spamclock which basically counts the amount of spam content created in real-time.

Some Statistics on Spam

As we all know spam on the internet is increasing day by day, so there is a chance that there will be more than a million pages of spam created per hour in the future. Even if the number remained steady here are some staggering numbers.

  • There will be about 16,600 spam pages created per minute. That is an incredible 277 pages per second.
  • The total number of spam pages in 2011 at this given rate will be a massive 8.7 Billion.
  • I remember reading somewhere 10 years ago that there were about a billion pages in all on the internet. That means we will have almost 8 times more spam in one year, compared to what constituted the entire internet!

A lot of pundits are suggesting that Facebook and its social search will be the game changer when it comes to search. I think for any search service the first challenge would be dealing with spam.

What are you views on spam pages? Have you come across any on search results? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Spamclock


Email address which is gone in 60 minutes

When I started to blog about technology I had to sign up and register to many online services to try them out before I could review them. Usually I have a dump email address which I use only to register online. This ofcourse is to safe guard my email address which I use from being spammed.

What is ideal in this circumstance is to have a temporary email address which can be used only for 60 minutes and it is deleted. This would be ideal for avoiding useless spam which many companies think will earn them visits or business.

Guerrilla Mail is an online service which allowed me to receive emails and look them up for about 60 minutes. After 60 minutes the email account is deleted and any spam you might receive is avoided completely.

About Guerrilla Mail

  • The email can be subscribed with a RSS feed so in case you receive the mail you can quickly look it up without requiring to reload the page.
  • The email address expires after 60 minutes and can be further extended by another 60 minutes if needed.
  • If you work is done then you can delete the account before 60 minutes.

This service is not really a temporary email service but a temporary address which can be used like a spam filter.

If you liked this post your might want to read up on how to send self destructing email.

Do you have as separate email account so you can avoid spam online? Do let me know through your comments.


Twitter Scrutinize Links to Prevent Malware

Since few months Twitter users are facing problem of spamming through direct messages on their Twitter accounts. The direct messages contain links to unwanted websites and spreading malware and phishing. The main reason for quick spread is because the link is shortened and as soon as user clicks on the link, it directs them to unwanted websites.


Twitter took an action against it and removed all such detected malware links. Twitter is also trying to expand the link service which is right now in testing mode on few twitter employees. According to this new policy, the links shared will be shortened with a URL for display on SMS and for web user it will be either whole URL / page title or half URL such as for a link , web users may see the links as

The twitter developers are trying to select the shortened link which is informative and appropriate for application. Right now Twitter is rolling out this services on few accounts like @TwitterAPI, @raffi etc. Soon it will be rolled out for all the links and accounts.

According to me, Twitter took a nice step against malware links. At least we don’t have to be  conscious while clicking on shortened link and keep guessing on which page we are going to land. Hope Twitter takes this step soon for all the accounts. Mean time, if you want to secure yourself with spam shortened links then you can try out Unhid to expand the links and check where shortened URLs redirect you.

Via: Twitter Blog


6 Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress

Anti SpamSpam is a thing which every high-traffic (even some medium or low-traffic) blogs, forums, websites etc. have to face. In this post, we will discuss some of the best plugins for WordPress which can deal with spam. No, not those based on Captchas or making your users solve math problems, rather we will discuss on some of the new and innovative plugins which work differently, but do the same thing, that of taking out the spam from your blog.


AkismetBy Matt Mullenweg | Download

Akismet is the default plugin bundled with your WordPress software. When a new comment, trackback, or pingback is posted on your blog, Akismet performs hundreds of tests on it and gives a thumbs up or thumbs down.

WP Spam Free


By Scott Allen | Download

Most of the spambots cannot process javascript and cookies. This plugin takes the advantage of this and uses a dynamic combination of javascript and cookies to separate spambots from humans, preventing 99%+ of automated spam.

Bad Behavior


By error, MarkJaquith, Firas, skeltoac | Download

Bad Behavior analyzes the HTTP headers, IP address, and other meta data sent by the visitor and determines if it is a human or a bot. After all, spammers don’t code their bots very well and if they could code very well, they probably wouldn’t be spammers.

WP Captcha Free

By iDope | Download

WP CAPTCHA Free blocks spam on your blog by validating a hash based on time (and some other parameters) using AJAX when the comment is posted. Comments posted via bots will not have a correct hash and will be rejected.


WP Clickcha

By iDope | Download | Demo

Clickcha replaces your post comment button with an image based CAPTCHA that requires the user to click the image in a particular area to solve the puzzle. Clicking the image also submits the comment.WP Clickcha Plugin for WordPress

WP Hashcash

By ecb29, donncha | Download


This plugin verifies the users by a piece of javascript code that indicates that the visitor is a real human being, not a spambot. If the javascript check fails, there are three options – it can either put the comment into moderation (default), put the comment in the akismet queue, or delete it.


There are many plugins which can prevent spam from your blog, though neither of them can provide 100% protection from spam. In this post I have tried my best to highlight the main and best plugins that can prevent spam from your blog. If you feel that any other plugin should have been listed here, feel free to discuss it in the comment’s section below!

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Gautam. He blogs at his own blog, does freelancing, develops plugins, etc.

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Interscan Messaging Hosted Security from Trend Micro

trend microWith no doubt Trend Micro is one of the best software to fight with spam, viruses, spy-ware, phishing and other email threats before they enters into the network. There are lots of product form Trend Micro, the product today I am talking about is their new product known as “Interscan Messaging Hosted Security”.

Trend Micro’s top-rated hosted email security solution stops spam, viruses, spyware, phishing and other email threats before they reach your network, helping you reclaim IT budget and staff time, and end-user productivity. It includes unlimited email scanning capacity, and optional content filtering and identity-based encryption to help enable regulatory compliance and better control confidential data.

It is the most powerful software by Trend Micro which ensure to give maximum protection from spam, viruses, spy-ware, phishing and other email threats. Official website of this product explains all details about the product and security provided to user.

The Notable benefit of the software:

  1. Protects from spam, viruses, phishing, and other threats even before they reach your network.
  2. This also leads to saving of network resources including storage and improves end-user’s productivity.
  3. No additional hardware or software installation needed at your end.

Main Features of the Software:

  1. It blocks up to 99% spam and that too before they reach your network.
  2. Unlimited email delivery for one fixed price user.
  3. Reduce costs with no additional hardware or software.
  4. Flexible content filtering to enforce compliance.
  5. Stops spam and email based threats in three phases – email reputation, threat scanning and content filtering.

As per comparison test conducted by Coast Labs Trend Micro’s hosted solution had the highest spam catch rate of 96.71% among all the solutions and rated it as #1 in Anti-Spam.


It is available in two suite i.e. Standard and advanced. Both these variants can be managed through a web-console which has all the updates, hot fixes, patches and application tuning.Internet Messaging Hosted Security is available  for 30 days trial product however users can purchase this product.

Database pdf | Demo Flash

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Anwar Hussain, alias Xphunt3r. Xphunt3r blogs about Internet, computer tips and tricks, WordPress, Blogspot, gadgets, news and events, software, games and more on his blog LogicClub.

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Recognizing Spam Twitterers and Reporting them to Twitter Team

twitter spam This post may look bit irrelevant to you, but recently some tips came to my mind to identify a spam twitterer which I thought to pen down for you all :) . It may be useful for you if you are new to Twitter and decide following back your followers.

Who is Spam Twitterer?

Twitter being one of the trending social networking platform with a reported growth of about 1300%, more and more spammers are turning on to twitter to get attention from as much people possible. So, in simple terms, spammers in twitter having spam twits are known as spam twitterers.

Why not to follow Spam Twitterer?


Usually having much spammers in your followers list is not considered to be good as many people visiting your profile page for the first time may judge about you with your following and followers hence, it may directly effect your following count. Moreover its also been said that, your profile may be at risk of being suspended by Twitter if you have a huge count of spam following and followers.

Common characteristics of Spam Twitterer:

  • spam twitterers Timeline usually filled with promotional twits
  • Spammers usually do not have a avatar or have nude pics as their Avatar
  • Mostly spam twitterers have a following and follower ration greater than 1. It means, the number of people they follow exceeds the number of their followers.

Reporting Spam Twitterers to Twitter Team

To help Twitter recognize spammers and keep twitter clean, you can report suspected spammers by mentioning the twitter user to @spam. @spam is a dedicated and official twitter account that is available to report suspected spammers.


VIPRE Antivirus: Powerful Virus Protection

There are lots of anti virus software which are available in premium as well as freeware version. Among them, I came across the new launched anti virus software VIPRE Antivirus Software, which give you powerful protection from viruses. The software is able to score 5 star rating at


VIPRE antivirus is available for 30 days free trail with registration.

Some common features are as belows:

  • Does not slow down your PC
  • All-new technology: antivirus
  • Advanced anti-rootkit technology
  • Cutting-edge Proactive Protection
  • Full protection against email-borne threats
  • Ideal for Netbooks that need malware protection
  • No automatic credit card charge each year!

If antivirus you are using fails to detects the threat, then you can give a try to this new anti virus software. The best thing about the software, it is build to use minimum system resources i.e. you system will get slow.  Many customers are satisfied with this anti virus software.

Ken, a VIPRE user from Bismarck North Dakota said:


For the last three years I have been using AVAST for my antivirus, Online-Armor for my firewall, and Webroots Spy Sweeper for my Spyware. With my subscriptions ending this month, I decided to search for something newer with all three products under one roof so to speak. I read very good reviews on VIPRE, as well as the firewall and spyware from you folks. I purchased a few days ago, and already I cannot believe just how smooth and how fast they all work. VIPRE is most impressive. It does EXACTLY what you said it would do. I see no slow down in my computer while I work on other things as it is running in the background. I couldn’t do that when AVAST was running. I always had to wait an hour or so or until the scan was done. Your price was also a lot cheaper than purchasing other individual or stand alone products, which in todays economy is very important. Thanks again, and please pass this message up the chain to the managers and supervisors. Keep up the good work and support. I appreciate it very much. Best

So if you also planning for new antivirus the give a try to this wonderful system protection.

Link: VIPRE Antivirus

(via Sunbeltsoftware)


Email Security – How Aware Are You?

The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) surveyed consumer emailing behavior and security awareness amongst them and found out that almost a third of consumers accepted to responding to an email they suspected to be spam. Alarmingly, about 80 % of users doubted their computers were at risk of being infected with a “bot,” – a slyly planted virus that can send spam or cause other harm without the user’s cognition. Bots are responsible for generating much of today’s illegitimate email.

The study clearly points out a lack of awareness among consumers.


[The report is based on 800 interviews with computer users in the United States and Canada who said they were not “security experts” and who used email addresses that were not managed by a professional IT department.]

  • About two-thirds of the consumers consider themselves “very” or “somewhat” knowledgeable in Internet security.
  • Most consumers use anti-virus software
  • Over half say they never click on suspected spam
  • 21 % take no action to prevent abusive messages from entering their inbox.
  • 63 % users would allow their network operator or anti-virus vendor to remotely access their computer to remove detected bots.

Internet and Email Usage


Virus Infections and Anti-Virus Software Usage



Awareness and Perceptions of Spam


Action Against Spam







It is interesting to note that while 82% of consumers are aware of “bots” and malware threats, only 20% believe there is a very good chance their computers could get infected. Even then a majority of junk email today originates from bot-infected computers. The picture seems to e clear after analyzing the report – users are familiar with general email based threats but are not necessarily as alert or cautious as they should be to proactively protect themselves against spam, online fraud and other email-related hazards.

So, how aware, alert and cautious are you? Comment on.

(Source: MAAWG)


Language of Spam – Templates and Translations for Multilingual Attacks

According to MessageLabs Intelligence report for July, there has been a spike in the spam levels in countries where English is not the primary language. Spammers are becoming multi-lingual by using automated translation services to enable multiple language spam runs. They are targeting countries correctly rather than sending spam to all countries English language.

Reports indicate more than 95 % spam emails in Germany and The Netherlands, an increase by 13% since May. Worldwide in the month of July, most spam is seen to be in English, while 1 in every 20 spam messages, was in non-English.

    Global language of spam


    1. In Germany, 46.5% of all spam is in German and 2.5% in French.
    2. In The Netherlands, 25% of spam is in the Dutch language.
    3. In France, 53% is in French and 4% in German.
    4. In Japan, 62.3% of the spam is found to be in Oriental non-English languages.
    5. In China, 54.7% of the spam is found to be in Oriental non-English languages.

    Highlights from the report:


    Spam – 89.4% in July (1% decrease since June)

    Viruses – one in 295.2 emails in July contained malware (0.03% decrease since June)

    Phishing – one in 327.6 emails comprised a phishing attack (0.05% decrease since June)

    Malicious websites – 3,618 new sites blocked per day (88.5% increase since June)

    Spam language localization – one in 20 emails is now non-English language


    Michael Jackson’s death – from spam to malware to advance fee fraud scams

    URL-shortened spam – accounting for as much as 6.2% of all spam

    Fourth of July spam -– Waledac botnet attempts to benefit from US festivities

    Spammers are using translation services and templates to easily develop multiple language spam runs, and web-based malware writers take a break as less than 1 %of web malware in July is new. Cyber-criminals continue to use world news and events to their advantage. People have simply been clicking on malicious links within an email and it adds that unsuspecting user to the Waledec botnet. Also, Michael Jackson’s death continues to get attention, from both fans and as well as fraudsters.

    Share your comments on what you think.

    (Source: MessageLabs Press Release)


    How to keep genuine e-mails out of the Junk Folder in Outlook?

    image10Have you ever experienced the inconvenience of important e-mails being redirected to your Junk folder? It is true that we all keep receiving a number of spam e-mails everyday and our Spam filters remain busy through out segregating the genuine e-mails from the “not so genuine”. However, there are times when an important e-mail can get re-directed into the Junk email folder too.