How to link your Twitter account with a Facebook page

If you are running your own business and use Twitter and Facebook for it’s promotion then this post is very useful for you. By linking your Facebook page with your personal or your business account you don’t need to update two of them individually. Let’s tell you how you can do it.


  1. Open your browser and login to Facebook.

  2. Now click this link:

  3. Now it will show all the Facebook that you admin. Find out that particular page that you want to link by clicking “Link to Twitter” given with the page’s name.

  1. Now click on “Authorize app”, that will redirect back to you to the same page again that we opened in Step 2.
  2. Check every box if you want to share everything on Twitter. Uncheck some if you want to like there’s no use of sharing notes on twitter so uncheck it.

  3. Finally click “Save Changes”. Your two accounts are now linked. Now anything you share on Facebook will also be shared on your twitter account automatically.

That’s it, drop a comment if you’re stuck somewhere. 🙂



How to remove publishing rights of applications

Two days back, we told you How to remove/block unwanted applications on Facebook. But if you don’t wanna remove that application or block it and it’s annoying you by publishing useless updates on your wall just because you clicked ‘Grant Permission’ while installing that application to your profile, here’s a solution for you.

It’s easy to revoke publishing rights of applications on Facebook. To do so, click on any post shared by that application on your profile and click on the “cross” with that application like you do while deleting a post.

There you will see four options there:

  • Remove post
  • Remove application
  • Revoke publishing rights
  • Report post or spam

Out of four, click on the third option i.e “Revoke publishing rights” for that application.

revoke publishing rights

After that it will ask for your confirmation, click “Revoke” to confirm. Now that application will not be able to post updates automatically to your wall in future.


How to remove/block unwanted applications on Facebook

Most of the time we click on Facebook applications and install them which seems very interesting in the beginning but irritates a lot after some time due to useless notifications. This post will tell you how to block these unwanted Facebook applications permanently. You can also remove these applications but you will still receive notifications even after removing them so it’s better to block them permanently. For your information this block is only known as “permanent block” however you can unblock them anytime you want.

 How to block an app on Facebook?

  1. Click on “Account” on the top right side of your Facebook profile page and select “Account settings” from the drop down list.

block facebook apps

  1. Now click on “Applications” option on the left hand side of page. This will open the list of all apps installed on your profile.

block facebook apps-1

(click to enlarge)

  1. Now select the application from the list you want to remove or block and click edit for that. After that click on the application’s name that will open the main page for that app.

  1. Clicking the name will redirect you to the main page of that application. On the bottom left side of that page you will see few links like “Add to My Page“, “Add to My Page’s Favorites”, “Subscribe via RSS” e.t.c. There you will find the required “Block app” and “Remove app” link. Use these links respectively to Block or Remove that app.

Drop a comment below if you’re stuck somewhere. Do check FbKnol for more tutorials 🙂


Share music on Facebook with Shazam

Do you have a smart phone ? Do you like using Shazam ? Well if answer to both of your questions is yes then you may find this interesting enough.

Now with the update available for Apple iOS today, users can tag music and immediately upload it on Facebook to share with their friends. These tagged and featured songs will be available for others also to see, if they too have the app activated and updated.

Alex Musil, Executive Vice President Product Marketing, at Shazam said,

Over three million songs are Shazamed each day, and thousands of these are shared individually by people on Facebook every day. Shazam Friends now makes it effortless for you to see, preview, add to your tag list, and buy a track that your friends have discovered or listened to using Shazam.


It’s always nice to listen to your friend’s choice. If I am given a choice to listen to some random song, I will definitely ask for my friend’s choice.

How to use Shazam ?

  • Download the app on your mobile phone or iPod touch.
  • Hold the device up to a song that’s playing on the radio, in a coffee shop, in a store etc.
  • Hold it still for about a minute and the app will tell you the name of the song and the artist.
  • You then have the option to buy the song, share it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

In Nokia phones you get a 30 day trial version, you can choose to buy also. what do you think ? Did you try this out ? Share your view with me.


Facebook continues to Share Personal information to App Developers

Facebook first thought about sharing the user’s phone and address in January. Later it was cancelled. Now, the news is that it is happening again.


Facebook goes on to give personal information about users such as home addresses and phone numbers to third-party developers and websites. Although the info is only intended to be shared with application developers, experts still fear it may be easier for scammers to take advantage of users who could give out their personal contact information after a few wrong clicks.

A spokesperson for the website said:

You need to explicitly choose to share your data before any app or website can access it and no private information is shared without your permission.

Well, that’s true, easy to say and difficult to follow I guess. 🙂 What do you think about this ? Share your views with me here.


How to unblock the applications

Have you ever blocked an application and later regretted doing so? Well now you can anytime block and unblock the applications. 🙂 I was just tweaking around the Facebook a bit and discovered this. This is a great thing to be done now.

How to do that?

  • Go to Privacy.
  • Select edit your Block lists.
  • You can see the lists of Blocked Applications, just unblock them. 🙂

What else can you do there?

  • You can block users.
  • You can block application invites.
  • You can block event invites.

Have you ever tried such a thing? Do share your experience and views through the comments below. 🙂


Now control what you share on Facebook

I always love to try new applications on Facebook and I do not like it when they ask you to allow wall posts and  information. This seems irritating at times. I don’t always want them to be displayed on the home page. Earlier I could disable the applications but now, after yesterday’s meeting Facebook has rolled on new features. Other than Group feature and Downloads, Facebook has come up with Application Dashboard.

You can see the image above is the Application Dashboard of my profile.

We can make changes in our applications by selecting any one of them from Application Dashboard.

With the Application Dashboard you can:

  • View when did you last use that application.
  • The information that application is using.
  • Manage if you want that application to be published as post on your wall or not.
  • Stop it by accessing your data at any time.
  • Remove that application all together.

Phew 🙂 lots of points, eh! Now with this increased visibility people can control the Facebook usage and manage the way any application is displayed on their Facebook wall. This will really be helpful for people like me who love to use Facebook applications or games. I just do not want to bother my friends with all the updates of my games or applications if they do not use them.

According to Mark Zuckerberg people should have a control over their information, if they want they can choose to share a specific information with only special friends. 🙂 I am going to tweak the new features now and improve my Facebook profile a bit. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and tell me what all did you do. 🙂


Football Worldcup Fever On Facebook- Tata Docomo Launches Goal Mania

Football fever is on big time and we are all glued to TV sets rooting for our favorite team and players. But, how about putting all that football craze to some use when a match is not going on. Worry not, because Tata Docomo has launched a new game contest on Facebook. Remember the fantasy dream team contests ESPN used to have for cricket teams wherein you pick your own team and then compete with others in the league.

Tata Docomo has launched Goal Mania pretty much on the same lines of a fantasy league and it is available as an application on Facebook.

Link for application: Goal Mania

Once you launch the application, a notification will appear asking you to like the official page of Tata Docomo on Facebook without which you cannot play the game. Nice little social media strategy there.


The rules of the games are real simple.

  • You get to pick 11 players in your team and save them
  • You are allowed 3 substitutions after every match, which means that for every game you can choose the players with the maximum probability of scoring goals.
  • You are rated based on the number of your goals your team players score. The one with maximum score stands a chance to win goodies


Once you become a fan, click on ‘Play’ tab in the app and you get a panel to pick you dream team from the drop-down,choose the team which is playing a game that day and based on your knowledge and instincts choose your team. They also provide you with the playing positions (forward,defense etc) to make it easier for everyone to pick players.After that, you just wait for the match to get over and ensure you come back to make those substitutions before the next match starts.

How to make a substitution: Select the team of your player you want to replace. Click on his name and press the red arrow button to replace. Once that is done, select the team from which you want to add a player to. Select the player from the left panel and click on Green arrow to put him on your team.


Ensure that you don’t remove all the players from your existing team since you can only substitute three


That’s it. Now all you need to do it wait and watch your scores as the matches go by. Based on the number of goals the players in your team score your scores increase and then whoever has the maximum point wins.

Invite Friends To Get More Substitutions: This is where it gets interesting. To increase the substitution limit(3), you need to invite your friends to the game. For every 10 referrals that you do, you get one extra substitution. You need to ensure your friends key in your Player Id while registering for the game. Your player id is displayed on the home tab of the Goal Mania application.

Have a go at the game and let us know your experience. There are cool prizes too which might make the playing more fun.


Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2010 with Facebook Users

FIFA World Cup 2010 is getting over everyone’s mind so how can Facebook stay away from it. Facebook is best way to connect with friends and people with same interest then why not to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2010 with Facebook users?

Now all Facebook users will able to share and check opinions, comments and give reactions on all moments of FIFA World Cup. It is best option for ones who hate to watch match alone and always want to share comments with other.

Here are 3 ways to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2010 with Facebook users:

  • Goal! Leaderborad:

This is best way to support and cheer for your Favorite team. Suggest your friends to support your team and show your passion.

GOAL Leader

[ Link ]

  • Live Stream:

You can watch matches live and also share updates and opinion with your friends at same time by using Facebook’s Live Stream plugins which are:

  • Make your own team:

This is kind of fun application on Facebook. EA Sports FIFA Superstars allows you to build your own team by signing the world’s best football players to your club and also show off to your friends with matches and victory.

FIFA superstars

[ Link ]

Apart from these there are many more plans of Facebook to make FIFA World Cup fun for all users. So, be a part of FIFA World cup 2010 and enjoy to fullest with all FIFA lovers on Facebook.

If you want to keep yourself updated about FIFA World Cup 2010 activities on Facebook, don’t forget to subscribe to Fbknol RSS Feeds.

VIA: Facebook blog


Who Follow Us : Application to Find your Followers on Facebook

According to Facebook privacy it’s tough to track who is visiting your Facebook profile. But there is a fun application which will let you know who is following you and interacting on your Facebook profile often. The name of application is “Who Follow Us”.

Link to application: Who Follow Us

The application claims that it is right and the results are analyzed on the basis of interactions you and your friends have, it may be wall post, comments, likes, sharing stuffs etc. It gives you the list of TOP 10 Followers. You can also find the top follower but for that you have to pay 2 points, which you can earn by their services.

I tried this application and it was fun to know who is following you. Here are the simple steps to check out stalkers on Facebook.


Check out how the application works:

  • Click on the link above to go to application. You can select the follower gender according to your wish.
  • Application You will get the results but to find Your top stalker you need 2 points. If you want to earn points click on “Click here for more points”.


  • Once you will click, you will be landed to a page where you can choose any option to earn points.

Earn Points

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Try out this application, you might find your “secret lover” and don’t forget to share your views about “Who Follow Us” application.