How to remove publishing rights of applications

Two days back, we told you How to remove/block unwanted applications on Facebook. But if you don’t wanna remove that application or block it and it’s annoying you by publishing useless updates on your wall just because you clicked ‘Grant Permission’ while installing that application to your profile, here’s a solution for you. It’s easy […]

How to remove/block unwanted applications on Facebook

Most of the time we click on Facebook applications and install them which seems very interesting in the beginning but irritates a lot after some time due to useless notifications. This post will tell you how to block these unwanted Facebook applications permanently. You can also remove these applications but you will still receive notifications […]

Now control what you share on Facebook

I always love to try new applications on Facebook and I do not like it when they ask you to allow wall posts and information. This seems irritating at times. I dont always want them to be displayed on the home page. Earlier I could disable the applications but now, after yesterday’s meeting Facebook has rolled on new features. Other than Group feature and Downloads, Facebook has come up with Application Dashboard.

Football Worldcup Fever On Facebook- Tata Docomo Launches Goal Mania

Football fever is on big time and we are all glued to TV sets rooting for our favorite team and players. But, how about putting all that football craze to some use when a match is not going on. Worry not, because Tata Docomo has launched a new game contest on Facebook. Remember the fantasy […]

Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2010 with Facebook Users

FIFA World Cup 2010 is getting over everyone’s mind so how can Facebook stay away from it. Facebook is best way to connect with friends and people with same interest then why not to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2010 with Facebook users? Now all Facebook users will able to share and check opinions, comments and […]

Who Follow Us : Application to Find your Followers on Facebook

According to Facebook privacy it’s tough to track who is visiting your Facebook profile. But there is a fun application which will let you know who is following you and interacting on your Facebook profile often. The name of application is “Who Follow Us”. Link to application: Who Follow Us The application claims that it […]