Football Worldcup Fever On Facebook- Tata Docomo Launches Goal Mania

Football fever is on big time and we are all glued to TV sets rooting for our favorite team and players. But, how about putting all that football craze to some use when a match is not going on. Worry not, because Tata Docomo has launched a new game contest on Facebook. Remember the fantasy dream team contests ESPN used to have for cricket teams wherein you pick your own team and then compete with others in the league.

Tata Docomo has launched Goal Mania pretty much on the same lines of a fantasy league and it is available as an application on Facebook.

Link for application: Goal Mania

Once you launch the application, a notification will appear asking you to like the official page of Tata Docomo on Facebook without which you cannot play the game. Nice little social media strategy there.


The rules of the games are real simple.

  • You get to pick 11 players in your team and save them
  • You are allowed 3 substitutions after every match, which means that for every game you can choose the players with the maximum probability of scoring goals.
  • You are rated based on the number of your goals your team players score. The one with maximum score stands a chance to win goodies


Once you become a fan, click on ‘Play’ tab in the app and you get a panel to pick you dream team from the drop-down,choose the team which is playing a game that day and based on your knowledge and instincts choose your team. They also provide you with the playing positions (forward,defense etc) to make it easier for everyone to pick players.After that, you just wait for the match to get over and ensure you come back to make those substitutions before the next match starts.

How to make a substitution: Select the team of your player you want to replace. Click on his name and press the red arrow button to replace. Once that is done, select the team from which you want to add a player to. Select the player from the left panel and click on Green arrow to put him on your team.

Ensure that you don’t remove all the players from your existing team since you can only substitute three

That’s it. Now all you need to do it wait and watch your scores as the matches go by. Based on the number of goals the players in your team score your scores increase and then whoever has the maximum point wins.

Invite Friends To Get More Substitutions: This is where it gets interesting. To increase the substitution limit(3), you need to invite your friends to the game. For every 10 referrals that you do, you get one extra substitution. You need to ensure your friends key in your Player Id while registering for the game. Your player id is displayed on the home tab of the Goal Mania application.

Have a go at the game and let us know your experience. There are cool prizes too which might make the playing more fun.