How to remove publishing rights of applications

Two days back, we told you How to remove/block unwanted applications on Facebook. But if you don’t wanna remove that application or block it and it’s annoying you by publishing useless updates on your wall just because you clicked ‘Grant Permission’ while installing that application to your profile, here’s a solution for you.

It’s easy to revoke publishing rights of applications on Facebook. To do so, click on any post shared by that application on your profile and click on the “cross” with that application like you do while deleting a post.

There you will see four options there:

  • Remove post
  • Remove application
  • Revoke publishing rights
  • Report post or spam

Out of four, click on the third option i.e “Revoke publishing rights” for that application.

revoke publishing rights

After that it will ask for your confirmation, click “Revoke” to confirm. Now that application will not be able to post updates automatically to your wall in future.

One Comment

Rob January 13, 2012

My question is, how do I UNrevoke it ? I accidentally did this last night to an app and now can’t figure it out.