Chinese hackers target Indian government

A day after Google made public that they were under a well organized attack from Chinese hackers news has trickled in that certain Chinese hackers have targeted computers within the Government trying to snare many top level administrators. Apparently an email was sent to top level bureaucrats from a dormant email id. This allowed the […]

China backs down as Green Dam Youth Escort calls Garfield Porn!

Now, that can’t be right! Wasn’t the Green Dam Software actually designed to filter pornography and violence from the Internet in China? According to a report, Chinese Web users testing the software have found that Green Dam is apparently blocking photos of babies, pork, actor Johnny Depp, Paris Hilton and even Garfield (Garfield?!? A cartoon cat? Oh come, not all cats can wear clothes!)

The authorities seem to have gone a little too far.

China Accuses Google of Spreading Pornography, Violating Nation’s Law

The government of China has accused Google of spreading pornography and vulgar content in the country, as a result, violating the nation’s law. People in China were temporarily unable to access the search engine, but it is still unknown whether Chinese government actions were responsible for these disruptions. Foreign ministry spokesman, Qin Gang says: “We […]

Google Android Based Netbook Launched In China

If there were Oscars for the biggest tech buzz of the year, then Netbooks would have already won it for 2009. Sooner than anticipated by market watchers world over, Google Android on a Netbook, is now available.

Today morning, I posted about the recent Netbook market trends and how ASUS is developing a netbook based on Google’s Android platform. But leaving ASUS and others behind in the race, it’s a Chinese manufacturer – Skytone that has won the race.