Chinese hackers target Indian government

A day after Google made public that they were under a well organized attack from Chinese hackers news has trickled in that certain Chinese hackers have targeted computers within the Government trying to snare many top level administrators. Apparently an email was sent to top level bureaucrats from a dormant email id. This allowed the hackers the opportunity to access a backdoor within the network for getting access to that computer’s hard disk.

According to the timing that these attacks coincided with the Copenhagen summit last year, there is a theory that Chinese hackers might have tried to get an idea of India’s stand before hand. The Prime Minister’s Office has confirmed about the attack on systems but noted that computers with sensitive material are sanitized and do not have access to the Internet.


Why China?

A lot of experts are saying China has a long term plan to use its cyber hackers to control the internet or atleast develop the ability to cause great harm. I think that idea is a little over stretched.  China does have one of the most comprehensive system of monitoring and censoring content on the internet. It might soon have the highest number of Internet users but the content is very controlled. To acheive this sort of monitoring mechanism would need a huge number of hackers who are working round the clock trying to monitor the massive internet population.

This essentially gives some of these Chinese hackers an ability to be trying their hands at attacking systems and networks outside China. Whereas there is nothing wrong in being aware and vigilant about cyber security, I do not think it is correct to be too carried away with conspiracy theories that will soon start floating on the internet along with some parts of the print and television media.

Link: India Today

Image Credit: Tech Shout


Rishabh Agarwal January 15, 2010

The internet is slowly becoming an Indian sort of reality show. This is idiotic

miCRoSCoPiC^eaRthLinG January 15, 2010

The link you posted citing Image Credits to TechShout isn’t working any longer. It produces a 403 Forbidden. The same goes for the site itself. Is it a temporary error or TechShout has fallen prey to these hackers?

One is left to wonder, if these hackers are now targetting any and every insecure site that has content regarding the whole US-Google-China fiasco…

Gourav Jain January 16, 2010

News :

China is recruiting and training large number of people (in lacs) to build a Cyber-Army. Their work is to hack sensitive information from all country’s Govt Sites.

They are on a Cyber-War in full fledge !!

I wsih i could be a hacker or just make a group of all hackers round India and destroy their Cyber-Army and their workforce.

nishith January 28, 2010

mean to say Sarakari cheeni hacker ! OTOH i have lost faith in indian hackers [after reading wiki page on great Ankit fadia]. some days ago in my city came a Cyber expert [claimed that he worked with ankit] name was deepak something,his interview printed in local news claiming that “Internet is very dangerous thing IF anyone knows what is ur ip then he can blast ur computer ” further he offered remedy for internet danger by joining his paid classes! what to say!