Google and Facebook Embed Easter Eggs Celebrating Christmas

Google is well known for embedding easter eggs on their search results page. Last year whenever someone typed a reference to Christmas, a small streamer like design showed on the results page. This year the design is much more elegant with snowflakes and even a Santa Claus like figure flying across the header of the results page.



While Google is showing this only for Christmas related queries, Facebook too has introduced its own easter egg in the form of animated snowflakes on its Android app. Just open a chat with someone using “chat heads” and we can see snowflakes falling on the profile pic.

Xmas_FB_ChatheadsHave you seen any more unique and interesting ways tech companies are celebrating Christmas festival with their users? Do let us know in your comments.



Google Celebrates Christmas with Santa Claus Tracker

A couple of days ago, I wrote about Google showing off their festival spirit by introducing some Easter Eggs. Today on Christmas eve, Google is taking it a bit further. It has unveiled a mobile phone app which allows users to track Santa Claus dropping of gifts around the globe in real-time.

Google along with the app has also introduced a Chrome extension and a landing page for tracking Santa.

Google Santa Tracker

Is Santa Tracker a waste of time by Google?

At first I thought that a Santa Tracker was just a waste of time by Google. After all what does it really achieve except a few smiles. But then in this day and age when a lot of little kids users tablets such apps can be greatly entertaining. Also Google might also be giving it’s Google Maps App and Google Earth app all the publicity it can, now that it has an official one available in Apple’s iTunes App Store.

That said, it would be a lot better Christmas for some, if Google had sorted out delays in shipping their Nexus 4 phones instead of tracking an imaginary character across the world.

Link: Google Santa Tracker | Android App | Chrome


How would you Celebrate Christmas this year?

Christmas, related with snow, sledge, gifts and above all Santa Claus. But do children or youngsters think about all this now on Christmas?

I bet there are many who think about Facebook applications such as know your best friend this Christmas, or tag photographs this Christmas. Status messages like ‘Wish you all a Merry Christmas’ will be seen on every Facebook Profile. Facebook or social media usage is always increased during this festive season.

There can be many ways of looking at it. Facebook is the easiest way to communicate with all your friends and family. Imagine you are free, you are on leave and sitting in front of your laptop with Facebook open. The easiest way to wish everyone is write your wishes for everyone on your status message.

The other way can be send personalized messages to all your friends on their Facebook wall or Facebook messages. So, this is so easy you wished everyone and you didn’t even mind doing it. But should that be done ? Were holidays and festive seasons created for such purpose? No, no matter how much we are living in this internet world and can’t imagine our lives without Facebook or twitter, we do need real friends and real lives. Everyone even Mark Zuckerberg will love to receive gifts that are real. A life different from Facebook.

This is for what holidays are. To let you enjoy, meet friends, exchange gifts and share some quality time with everyone you love! I am not saying don’t use Facebook but get out of Facebook and twitter once. 🙂 I wish all my readers Merry Christmas. Feel free to comment. 🙂


Adam Tablet to be Released by Christmas

The Pro-Devil Aditya Kane had written an article about the Notion Ink Adam in Feb 2010 and since then the ‘Desi‘ tablet has come a long way. The Notion Ink Adam was slated for release in April 2010, which then got delayed to August and finally to November, and yet the huge community of Adam-lovers has been kept waiting.

The Adam boasts of the most impressive tech specs for a tablet, including a Pixel Qi dual mode screen and NVIDIA Tegra 250 chipset, 3G support with a sim card slot, an ambient light sensor, to name a few, among a whole lot of  other specifications that make it the most awaited tablet of 2010.

Click for an enlarged view of the file browser on Adam called 'Sniffer'

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is to be released on 6th December(today), according to Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink’s CEO, and states that it will definitely be compatible on Eden (Adam’s custom UI) which currently runs Android 2.2 Froyo.

Notion Ink’s Adam is now in the process of passing the American government agency – FCC’s standards (Similar to TRAI in India), and has passed the EMI (Electro magnetic compatibility) tests of the FCC on all 6 variants.


It is being said that the Adam is slated for release before 25th Dec (Christmas) in the US, and 2 weeks later here in India. Although, no official indication has been made.

  • The price set for the basic variant of Adam with LCD display and Wi-Fi only is $399.
  • Pixel Qi version with WiFi-only would cost $449.
  • Pixel Qi display with 3G will cost $498. There will also be special discounts exclusively for universities and students.

The 25-year-old genius Rohan Shravan  also stated on his blog himself that  Adam could also be officially released at The Annual CES where it made its début in 2010, which is to be held In Las Vegas, from 6-9th January 2011.

We are hoping that we could lay our hands on the Adam by early 2011! Keep checking this space for more updates!

Here’s a video showcasing Adam’s capabilities ! (Pretty old video, the final product is going to be way better)

Link: Notionink.


Merry Christmas to all DW Readers… :-)

This is a quick post from DW team wishing Merry Christmas to all of you and your family. 🙂

There will not be any posting today at Devils Workshop but if you are on Orkut and missing scrap-all scripts on this occasion then please try this special Christmas glitters posted by Arjun. They may help you wish few special friends in special way! 🙂

Also if you are a blogger then you must go through this how-to post on maximizing your blogs revenue and subscriber count this holiday season.

Rest we will get back to you with more tips and tricks soon from our new (actually first) office! 🙂

Merry Christmas once again… 🙂

-DW Team


Christmas Glitters for Orkut Scraps

You can use following Christmas glitters to wish few special friends in special way for sure…

Merry Christmas… 🙂


p style=”text-align: center”>christmas-1


p style=”text-align: center”>christmas-2


p style=”text-align: center”>christmas-3









Orkut’s Christmas Special Theme!

Just a day before, I concluded a post about Orkut’s treat for this holiday season with words,

… If you like themes on Orkut, keep an eye on themes tab as special holiday theme will appear anytime…

and just checked Orkut to see Christmas special theme is there!

Orkut Christmas Theme

You can find it under themes tab on orkut…


I personally don’t find theme option much attractive, but this Christmas theme is really nice. You can see it in action below on my Orkut homepage…


I hope new year theme will be equally nice which is not yet released!

Link: Orkut Apps and Features you can use this holiday season


Enjoy Holiday Season on Orkut!

Like everyone else, team Orkut is all set to squeeze maximum juice out of this holiday season! Just logged on orkut to see following message…

Feeling jolly? Get into the holiday spirit with these special treats on orkut! 

image When you click on it, it takes you to a page where Orkut recommends (read promotes) some of its feature and applications which you can use this holiday season.

Apart from albums and videos, the other feature orkut is promoting with maximum efforts is their newly launched events feature.

Three holiday applications they have listed are BuddyPoke, My Music and Christmas Tree.

Also, we can expect different homepage designs on Xmas and New Year. If you like themes on Orkut, keep an eye on themes tab as special holiday theme will appear anytime!

Thats All! Enjoy holiday season on Orkut! 🙂