Adam Tablet to be Released by Christmas

The Pro-Devil Aditya Kane had written an article about the Notion Ink Adam in Feb 2010 and since then the ‘Desi‘ tablet has come a long way. The Notion Ink Adam was slated for release in April 2010, which then got delayed to August and finally to November, and yet the huge community of Adam-lovers has been kept waiting.

The Adam boasts of the most impressive tech specs for a tablet, including a Pixel Qi dual mode screen and NVIDIA Tegra 250 chipset, 3G support with a sim card slot, an ambient light sensor, to name a few, among a whole lot of  other specifications that make it the most awaited tablet of 2010.

Click for an enlarged view of the file browser on Adam called 'Sniffer'

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is to be released on 6th December(today), according to Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink’s CEO, and states that it will definitely be compatible on Eden (Adam’s custom UI) which currently runs Android 2.2 Froyo.

Notion Ink’s Adam is now in the process of passing the American government agency – FCC’s standards (Similar to TRAI in India), and has passed the EMI (Electro magnetic compatibility) tests of the FCC on all 6 variants.

It is being said that the Adam is slated for release before 25th Dec (Christmas) in the US, and 2 weeks later here in India. Although, no official indication has been made.

  • The price set for the basic variant of Adam with LCD display and Wi-Fi only is $399.
  • Pixel Qi version with WiFi-only would cost $449.
  • Pixel Qi display with 3G will cost $498. There will also be special discounts exclusively for universities and students.

The 25-year-old genius Rohan Shravan  also stated on his blog himself that  Adam could also be officially released at The Annual CES where it made its début in 2010, which is to be held In Las Vegas, from 6-9th January 2011.

We are hoping that we could lay our hands on the Adam by early 2011! Keep checking this space for more updates!

Here’s a video showcasing Adam’s capabilities ! (Pretty old video, the final product is going to be way better)

Link: Notionink.


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