Are Your Comments Working For Your Blog?

When one starts blogging, the primary concern is to get visitors. For this, various bloggers often use different strategies. Some submit their blogs to directories, some write guest posts and some use their blog url in e-mail signature.
However, the best way to get targeted traffic is to leave comments on other blogs. But how do we track this traffic?

Make comment interaction easy with My Comments Manager WordPress Plugin

The best way one can get motivated in blogging is by getting appreciation through comments. Good comments and feedbacks always provide a positive energy to work better. But to get visitors commenting on your blog, you need to be interactive with your readers like ask questions and start communicating with them. There are chances that […]

Navify: More than just a simple Wikipedia search

Here’s your chance to get the most out of Wikipedia. With Navify, a new online service, you could enjoy Wikipedia with images, videos and comments! Navify is a visual encyclopedia that provides an interface for viewing not only Wikipedia articles, but also helps in viewing related media that goes with them. It is built on […]

Adding of Comments Temporarily Disabled on Orkut [FAQ]

Our reader Vish has been facing problem while posting comments on some friends pics. You can see screenshot of new error message, “Adding of comments temporarily disabled”, below. While I am not sure if this is bug on Orkut, there are few activities which may cause this problem. Using a scrap all script to send […]