Adding of Comments Temporarily Disabled on Orkut [FAQ]

Our reader Vish has been facing problem while posting comments on some friends pics. You can see screenshot of new error message, “Adding of comments temporarily disabled”, below.

Addition of comments disabled on Orkut

While I am not sure if this is bug on Orkut, there are few activities which may cause this problem.

Any of above activity, or any other similar activity, performed intentionally or unintentionally by you or on your behalf may block you temporarily from performing few activities on Orkut.

In case of such use of scripting, you will be banned to add comments, post scraps, etc. Your account will go into sort of read-only mode for 8-10 hours.

Now if you continue to see error after 1-2 days, then try sending a scrap to a friend. If you get again temporarily disabled error, then problem is with your account. If you are not performing any activity as mentioned above, its time to change your orkut login password as chances are someone else, a person or a third-party orkut tool/service, abusing your account.

Just in case this error keeps coming only with comments on photos, don’t worry much. A similar bug was reported on Orkut in the past. So hopefully, problem will be rectified automatically in coming days by Orkut itself.


Vish February 5, 2009

Well, none of the 5 reasons as suggested above hold good for me, since I have not done or used any such script. It might be a bug. Lets wait for orkut to fix it.

Thanks for publisizing it.

Praveen February 6, 2009

Ya, it comes for me also sometimes… I dunno the reason for the error, all I know is, if you click on submit some 3 or more seconds later, you will be successful no matter what (except that friend of yours should not have “ignore”d you…)

Sandeep Ganapatiraju February 28, 2009

Its happening for past 10 days now. Strange.
I am able to scrap others without any issue

debi prasad March 1, 2009

Adding of Comments Temporarily Disabled in orkut account no one add any comment to my photo plz sir help me as soon as

Biju March 5, 2009

refresh the page after 4 or 5 min the again try to post the comment.

dev March 23, 2009

when some friend add some comment in photo,there are not add any comment,plz help me as soon as

Biju V S March 27, 2009

Dev same prob has experienced my me too but after 1 or 2 days that prob is automatically solved. Plz the orkut with google cromo also delete all cookies,temp files etc and try.

Tanmay April 30, 2009

this is common prob with orkut…they introduce some new feature and thn it has bugs then they solve it……. wait for sometime it’ll surely be solved……

as fro not able to scrap…dude the only reason i can think of is flooding…..
also hope ur not reported by few ppl but tht also leads to account deletion but u say u cant send scraps only…..strange

amit July 2, 2009

scraps being recieved & send but addition of friends has been disabled from past 2 or 3 days what is the solution to it or whats the problem im logging from two of my aco=ccounts but the same problem is their

partlyhere October 3, 2009

i just wanted to chime in and say nice design.

Riazjon October 15, 2009

i am not able to send any photo comment..please help me…

riazjon October 16, 2009

dear sir
am not able to send more then five photo comment in day.. please help me

priyangshu October 28, 2009

plz tell me…how can i hide the photo comments option…i dont want,my friends comment on my photos..

madhvi October 28, 2009

i m getting msg “posting messages in communities is temporarily disabled” when i access any communities and also verification code is required for every scrap.plz resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Deepak Jain October 28, 2009

This kind of error messages are seen when you post on too many communities on the same day.
Wait for, say 24 hours and try, you’ll surely be good to go then. 🙂

rajesh January 5, 2010

kindly provide please solved my problem. i will send any person request just show this type message(Addition of friends has been temporarily disabled.)sir my request please solved

sameer khan January 19, 2010

I liked your site.

yash February 2, 2010

hai sir my orkut disbale

AFTHAB F April 5, 2010

This is third time the following message comes when I am going to add friends. “Adding friends Service is temporarily Disabled ” actually i don’t know why it happend regularly … how I can solve the problem..expecting ur reply soon.

Pradeep May 5, 2010

I am not able to add friend in orkut

Vessthusita August 13, 2010

it quite easy go to ur settings and change the option where its written the new mails should go to inbox………..or else u can view all ur inbox items frm recycle bin by moving them to inbox.

lurciqueded August 20, 2010

I have a mac and have never had a problem with itunes but randomly today when i click the icons a message pops up that says “the file ‘itunes library’ cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes.” how do i fix this, jsut update my itunes?