MyColorScreen – Show off your beautiful Android and iPhone screens

Customization is one of the best things about Android. You can do so many things to make the device yours, without even rooting it. Sure, iPhone users can customize too, but jailbreaking is too much of a hassle. So, if you have an Android or a jailbroken iPhone (because, you can’t do much with the stock), you got to check MyColorScreen.


MyColorScreen Features

  • MyColorScreen is like a network for smartphone geeks, sharing their beautiful customized homescreens.
  • The site is neatly designed with a Pinterest-like layout, you get to see what the uploader has used to make the screen i.e. widgets, wallpapers, icons and all.
  • You can of course sign up for the site, and upload your screens, who knows you can become popular in no time.
  • You can also follow people with popular screens (or from your Facebook network), and look at trending screens, sorted by OS.

The site can be a great resource for wallpapers (and apps, too), some are really neat. If you follow news with a  feed reader, you can subscribe to respective feeds.

For people who customize their home-screen frequently, this can be great for inspiration. Rather than searching for screens on sites like DeviantArt, it’s great to have a dedicated site.

Link: MyColorScreen

How to Customize your Gmail Web Clips

We all use Gmail every day, but there are very less bloggers who know about Gmail Web Clips. It is very useful feature of Gmail. Many bloggers think it to be distraction but I feel that is cool way for reading RSS feed.

Gmail Web clip is a one line header which displays latest news from RSS Source. It shows random feeds but you can customize these Gmail Web clips according to your wish.

This is a default Gmail Web clip:


You can easily customize these RSS feeds according to the blogs, websites you are interested in with following these easy steps:

  1. Login to Gmail Account and click on “Settings”.


  1. Select “Web Clips”.

Web clips

  1. Now you can Search any blog’s RSS feed you want to read or select any categories which are provided by Gmail.


  1. Once you searched for blog/ category name, you can Add that Blog’s RSS Feed or News from Gmail Category.

  2. Click “ADD” when you find the clip of your interest.

Add Clip

  1. This is the way your Web clips will look .


I would suggest you to remove all other Default Web Clips which you don’t find interesting. Click on “Remove” Button, which is on right side of Web clips.


If you use Gmail Frequently then Web Clips is a best way to keep yourself updated about all interesting topics. Give it a try and don’t forget to share your feedbacks.

Customize your Gmail layout

Gmail has many features in it’s layout which is there by default but sometimes can be not very useful. Many a times you might no want to see those pesky ads on Gmail. I personally have never clicked or paid any notice to them. At times I wish I could just make the chat box disappear. I guess what I really want is a way to customize Gmail. Thankfully I have come across a method of doing this on both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Gmail customization

  • If you are using Firefox click here to download the add-on, with Chrome click here to download the extension.
  • I could remove the advertisements that appear with Gmail.
  • Allow attachments icons. This can be helpful as it gives me an idea if its a pdf file or jpg image that is attached. 😉
  • You can get more simplistic and remove chat, footer and also invite friends box from your Gmail layout.
  • Chrome extension does have the option of removing Google buzz but the same feature is not available with the Firefox add-on. I guess that is because both are not by the same developer.

As we at Devil’s Workshop use Google apps for our email I testing if it works with the apps. And it does work just as well it does with a Gmail account. 🙂

Try out the these add-ons or extension depending on the browser you have. Some of the customizations depend upon on the browser you are using as the add-on and extension are no made by the same developers. As a matter of fact the Chrome extension has been inspired from the Firefox add-on and still has more features in the pipeline.

Do drop in your comments with what you think about customizing Gmail.

How To Make Your Flash Drive Unique

flashdealerFlash Drive is always the best storage device for computer users to store important files, media and images. The use of flash drive is higher than that of classic diskettes and CD’s. Flash drives come in compact, stylish, flexible and modern styles, so many people prefer the flash drive for storage. But the point is that how unique is your flash drive from others? Does your flash drive look eye catching?

If you are really bored with old and bulky looking flash drives, then why should not you think about customizing it? You can customize your flash drive for as low as $3.99 and give it unique designs. Here are some examples of customized flash drives:


DC Style

Atlanta Style

There are many websites over the Internet that design your flash drives to make it unique. One of the best known is The site offers Personalized USB Drive and also customized USB drive at your will. They design the flash drive in any color and any material you can think of. You can have a flash drive with your company logo, your personnel name written on it, anything you like. So, give a try to make your flash drive unique.

(Image credit: FlashDealer)

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Customize your Facebook profile with catchy designs and expressions


Here’s a fun, FREE and an easy way to customize your Facebook profile and add some personality to it! With FBexpressions, you could add eye-catching designs and expressions to your profile to express who you are, what you’re feeling and the things you like.

How to get started?

  • All you have to do is browse through the various categories, such as:
    • Abstract
    • Animals
    • Beauty & fashion
    • Cars
    • Cartoons
    • Celebrities
    • Comic books
    • Dark & scary
    • Fantasy
    • Foods & drinks
    • Floral
    • Feelings
    • Hobbies
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Religion
    • Romance
    • Sports
    • Technology
    • Television …and many more!
  • Select the categories you find most appealing and “add” it to your profile, by clicking the ADD button.
  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Install the application.
  • Expressions will appear on the left hand side of your profile.

In case you don’t find anything appealing to match your style, you could even design your very own expression.


For more information related to expressions, please click here.

To watch the applying expressions video, click here.

Link: fbexpressions

Customize your Firefox with useful Add-ons!

This post deals with a few useful Firefox Add-ons, which makes your Firefox more comfortable than before.

Tiny menu

Tiny Menu:

If you are not using the menu bar frequently and you feel that the menu bar is occupying more space in your browser, then you can shrink it with this add-on. It will help to replace the standard menu bar in Firefox with a single popup icon in the menu bar. Customization on menu to be collapsed can also be made simple with its option.

IE Tab:

For some web pages, we still have to use internet explore so we have to change the browser to continue with it, but now it very easy with IE tab in Firefox. Single click will change the Firefox tab into IE tab and you can continue browsing with it without any disturbance.

Convert Web Pages to PDF:

No more tiring HTML formats for saving web page! With this add-on, web pages can be saved in PDF format. This add-on can be also used as PDF management tool in Firefox. Sometimes opening PDF files in low bandwidth makes Firefox crash but this add-on will provide the pop up option to save or open, using which the PDF file can be downloaded.

Tab Popup:

This add-on pop up displays the tab content on doing a mouse-over, which enables us to see what’s inside the page. So, no need to switch between tabs until pages are completely downloaded. Pop up size of the tab is customizable.


It adds a screen before Firefox opens up. Any image, text or audio file can be used in the splash screen to “welcome” you.

Extended Status Bar:

This add-on provides images, speed, percentage, time and loaded size of the web page.

Link: firefox add-ons

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