Customize your Gmail layout

Gmail has many features in it’s layout which is there by default but sometimes can be not very useful. Many a times you might no want to see those pesky ads on Gmail. I personally have never clicked or paid any notice to them. At times I wish I could just make the chat box disappear. I guess what I really want is a way to customize Gmail. Thankfully I have come across a method of doing this on both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Gmail customization

  • If you are using Firefox click here to download the add-on, with Chrome click here to download the extension.
  • I could remove the advertisements that appear with Gmail.
  • Allow attachments icons. This can be helpful as it gives me an idea if its a pdf file or jpg image that is attached. 😉
  • You can get more simplistic and remove chat, footer and also invite friends box from your Gmail layout.
  • Chrome extension does have the option of removing Google buzz but the same feature is not available with the Firefox add-on. I guess that is because both are not by the same developer.

As we at Devil’s Workshop use Google apps for our email I testing if it works with the apps. And it does work just as well it does with a Gmail account. 🙂

Try out the these add-ons or extension depending on the browser you have. Some of the customizations depend upon on the browser you are using as the add-on and extension are no made by the same developers. As a matter of fact the Chrome extension has been inspired from the Firefox add-on and still has more features in the pipeline.

Do drop in your comments with what you think about customizing Gmail.

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Sourish | How To Start A Blog March 8, 2010

Nice info. Using google for the last 9 years , a little bored with the same ol look .