Interview – Gautam Gupta on Winning Google Code-in Twice

Very early on when I joined Devils’ Workshop, I came across Gautam Gupta who was writing guest posts for us. I was surprised to find out that he was still in school. That was not all he, was also a pretty good programmer and even wrote a PHP Tutorial series for Beginners. He won at […]

Add Custom Headers to your plugins

Matt Mullenweg announced few days ago that, plugin authors will be able to put custom headers on their plugin pages. Soon the geeks across the globe got started with designing and customizing their header images. Developers are happy as they have got an opportunity for a little branding. Our creative heads from rtCamp too got […]

Gaurav Singh on Organizing WordCamp Jabalpur 2011

Something interesting happened in India for the WordPress community a week before Diwali holidays. A WordCamp was organized and it was not in one of bigger cities but in a smaller town of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. We decided to catch up with Gaurav Singh who headed the organizing committee of WordCamp Jabalpur 2011 and ask him questions […]

Create Portfolio with Image Sliding Effect with jQuery

There are tons of tutorials already out there about creating portfolio image slide effect with jQuery. I wanted to create an easy-to-implement jQuery image slider for my portfolio page, you can check the live demo at Blogger To WordPress portfolio. This slider requires the latest release of jQuery and functional knowledge of jQuery, HTML and […]

Creator of C and UNIX, Dennis Ritchie Passes Away!

  Anyone who has read a book on C programming language, has probably come across the name Dennis Ritchie, in the first introductory chapters. Dennis Ritchie passed away after a long illness. He was 70 years old. Dennis Ritchie, created C Language. He worked with AT&T Bell Labs in the early development part of the […]

rtPanel–WordPress Theme Framework by rtCamp

(Cross-posted on rtPanel blog) The past few weeks have been exciting for everyone at rtCamp thanks to launching a new product called rtPanel. rtPanel is a WordPress Theme Framework and is now officially available for download on directory. 🙂 rtPanel has been tested on more than 300 websites and blogs, as we have used it on all […]

[Infographic] Quick Look at Programming Languages!

I am not a programmer, I don’t find poetry in code. But I do blog and appreciate what programmers have been able to do over the last 60 odd years. They have literally helped create a world where borders do not exist. So what are programming languages and how did they evolve? How have they […]

[How to] Get WordPress Login Form in Front End

Sometime admin decides the posts under certain category eg. “Subscriber Posts” must be  visible only for the subscribed users. For this he have to provide a login form at the front end, so that user can register them self and after login they can see those posts. There are 2 ways to provide a login […]