[Infographic] Quick Look at Programming Languages!

I am not a programmer, I don’t find poetry in code. But I do blog and appreciate what programmers have been able to do over the last 60 odd years. They have literally helped create a world where borders do not exist.

So what are programming languages and how did they evolve? How have they affected the programming world?  Here is an infographic from Rackspace which shows how programming languages have evolved over the years.


Thanks to Himadri Dimri for the tip. Do drop in your comments.

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Darshan August 2, 2011

Aweosme post, dude!
I was wanted a quick look at world’s best programming languages for the research of my last year project of engineering.
This infographic is good, and provided a lot of new things to me.
I may share it on my blog, would you mind it?

Aditya Kane August 2, 2011

There is no harm sharing the image on your blog – all the best with your last year project for engineering. 🙂

Darshan August 2, 2011

Thanks aditya! I am making an ERP, so performance is the main concern in my project. I need a language that can perform well in Grid type of environment.

Gaurish Sharma August 2, 2011

Ruby on Rails is not a programming language but still it shown separately. This is wrong.

RoR is yet another web framework written in Ruby. so separation is wrong