Create Temporary Alias Email Address with Hotmail

Many years ago my primary email address was from Hotmail. Then I got an invited to use Gmail by a friend. From then on I pretty much stopped using my Hotmail account. The great plus point with Gmail was that it hardly had no spam. My Hotmail account was increasingly spammed and frankly I never […]

[Gmail Update] Desktop Notifications for new Emails & Chat

Google in its yet another approach to make Gmail more friendly has introduced Desktop Notifications for Chats and any new Email messages. Desktop Notifications are possible under the pretext of HTML5 and available only for Chrome users as of now. This is clearly another attempt to attract users to Google Chrome browser which already has a market segment of more than 10% worldwide.

[Gmail Update] Unread Message Icon with Gmail Labs

I was not much surprised to see this Lab update from Gmail as my expectations from Google has always been high. A new feature called “Unread Message Icon” has been introduced in Gmail Labs. If you have always been that neat and clean with your Gmail inbox, then keeping a close watch on the number of Unread emails must be crucial for you. This is even easy if you just see the title of your Gmail tab, however just turns difficult when there are a lot of tabs opened simultaneously in your browser window.

Online Tip – Avoid spam with disposable E-mail account

Couple of days ago, Ankit Das reviewed a SEO tool called Traffic Travis. The software could be downloaded but to test it, I needed to register with an email address. I usually get sceptical of such sites that ask for email, because this is how your inbox can end up being spammed.

10 Minute Mail is an nice online service which creates disposable E-mail address for us to register and work. As the name suggests, the email account lasts for only 10 minutes.

[Gmail] Schedule an email to be sent later with Boomerang

At work my email is managed thanks to Google Apps and my personal email account is on Gmail. Gmail has many fantastic features but lacks an email scheduler. Most times we do not need an email to be sent out at a later date but there are special occasions when I wish we could just schedule some emails out to people.

This happens many times during birthday’s and also occasions like Diwali, Christmas and New Year.

Send yourself an email reminder with Nudge Mail

To set reminders in the future I use Google Calendar. With Google Calendar I can make sure that I get reminders sent on Gmail or even through SMS. But this is a little tedious and I needed a quicker and faster way to set-up reminders. For instance I have to call someone at a particular time, opening up your Google Calendar for that is a little tedious.

This is where Nudgemail can be very useful.