Gmail’s People Widget fails when compared to Rapportive!

More than a month ago, Gmail introduced the People Widget. It was being rolled out over a few days but then days turned to weeks and now after a month-long wait, most Gmail users have the people widget available on their accounts. The People Widget has a lot of useful features like when we click […]

[Email Tip] Postpone Replying to an Email by 24 Hours!

Quickly get reminded of replying or reading a particular email after 24 hours with HitmeLater. Hit Me Later, is like your a snooze button for your Email.

This service will be very useful for people who are on vacation or on a day off, and check their email on their phone. This way they could make sure they give priority to an email after 24 hours and it does not get buried under work or other new emails.

Create Mailing Lists within Seconds! [Free]

Mailing lists are not as famous as they were before thanks to social networking websites. Earlier to have a to and fro conversation, it was useful to communicate through a mailing list. Mailing lists typically are often used now a days by people working on a project.
Simplest way to create Mailing Lists for groups is by using The service allows creating lists from your email contacts within seconds.

Hotmail Attacks Yahoo to Encourage Users to Move!

We might have lost some interest in the browser wars and the continuous comparisons between Interne Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. There are new battle lines being drawn on the internet. This time it is email services. Hotmail the world’s leading email service provider has launched a new webpage specifically targeting Yahoo users to move to […]

[Privacy] Hotmail Disables HTTPS for Accounts From Certain Regions!

Recently, there is a lot written about email accounts being hacked by governments. Last year the same happened in China for certain Gmail users. Google hit back by allowing HTTPS for all Gmail accounts by default. This added security has now become the norm and almost all email providers allow HTTPS access by default. Hotmail […]