Orkut Scrap Notification Emails Just Got Better!

Story 1: Around 3 months back, Orkut improved its email notifications for activities like someone send you a friend request, post a scrap in your scrapbook, etc. Story 2: At OrkutFeeds, our service which provide updates for Orkut scrapbooks in RSS feeds format, user demanded we should offer an email alert service where they can […]

[New] Stop Others From Finding Your Orkut Profile Using Your Email Address

Just noticed a new and important privacy setting on Orkut: “allow people to find me through my email address” Using this setting you can restrict others from finding your orkut profile using email address. Just select “Don’t allow people to find me” option in above screenshot and you are done! This is surely good for […]

3 Best Free Domain Registration Services

I’m going to share some of my favorite some free url redirection services that provide free short url that looks exactly like a paid domain name. There are many services that convert a long url into a shorter one like tinyurl, bit.ly etc but those don’t give a short url like the ones here…

Gmail – Email Sending Limit of 500!

Gmail, is among one of the best free e-mail services available on the Internet. Right from the day of its launch on April 1, 2004, people started appreciating it. If you remember, not so long before, to open Gmail account you needed an invitation from existing Gmail users. According to a Wiki entry, Gmail invitation […]

New Look For Orkut Email Notifications is Here

As posted by InsideOrkut and re-posted by official Orkut blog, new look for email notifications are here. Well it looks pretty without any doubt, but it would have been better if Orkut team have spent energy making Orkut itself better. On the other hand, if they really wanted to improve email notifications, they could do […]