New Look For Orkut Email Notifications is Here

As posted by InsideOrkut and re-posted by official Orkut blog, new look for email notifications are here.

Well it looks pretty without any doubt, but it would have been better if Orkut team have spent energy making Orkut itself better.

On the other hand, if they really wanted to improve email notifications, they could do it better by adding more information in notifications like:

  • In scrap notification, actual content of scrap could be sent
  • Same thing can be done for testimonials
  • If somebody post a comment on a pic, that comment itself could be conveyed in email.

One reason, many social networking do not send actual information in notifications is, it will decreases total number of pageviews for their website.

Its strange to see a service like Orkut, which is run by Google, avoiding this for traffic ranking when it will significantly improve user experience. Also it will slightly decrease load on Orkut server, which means more donuts for Orkut users who really spend lots of time on it.

If you have any second thought on this, please let us know. 🙂