Orkut Scrap Notification Emails Just Got Better!

Story 1: Around 3 months back, Orkut improved its email notifications for activities like someone send you a friend request, post a scrap in your scrapbook, etc.

Story 2: At OrkutFeeds, our service which provide updates for Orkut scrapbooks in RSS feeds format, user demanded we should offer an email alert service where they can get complete scrapbook updates. They wanted emails with actual content of scraps!

Now a new update by Orkut connects these two stories. Orkut has improved email notification for scraps, again!


As you can see, above email notification screenshot contains, actual content of scrap as well as display pic of sender.

The only problem with display pic if you are a Gmail user is: you have to enable display of images in every scarp notification email you will get. It would have better if Orkut has used same common email ID to send all notifications.

Anyway this is real treat for users who don’t use Orkut much. Thanks Sreejoy. 🙂

Useful Link: OrkutFeeds – Get RSS Feed for Orkut Scrapbooks

One Comment

parth February 19, 2009

yeah!! clubbing this piece of info with email2sms thing finally gives you sms notifications for free here’s the link