Use ‘Selective Tweets’ to Avoid Spamming Your Facebook Friends

Since you are reading this post, you must have been using Twitter’s official app on Facebook for posting your tweets on it. That is fine but looking at most people active on Twitter, they share atleast 5 times more Tweets than FB updates. So auto-posting can actually end up spamming your Facebook timeline. If you […]

Create and Share Videos of One Year on Facebook with Microsoft App

Facebook is a big constant in our online social media life. Your comments and interactions with your friends and family members on Facebook, often speaks a lot about you as a person. A “year in the Like” is a online app, that allows you to look back at a whole year on Facebook, taking into […]

Access Facebook on Your Mobile Phone without Internet! [Video]

Facebook India recently announced that mobile users in India can also access their Facebook accounts without the need of a internet connection, with the help of an app called Fonetwish. All you are need to do is dial *325# on your mobile phone. This will pull up a list of options via a console like […]