Use ‘Selective Tweets’ to Avoid Spamming Your Facebook Friends

Since you are reading this post, you must have been using Twitter’s official app on Facebook for posting your tweets on it. That is fine but looking at most people active on Twitter, they share atleast 5 times more Tweets than FB updates. So auto-posting can actually end up spamming your Facebook timeline. If you do not want to be that person who spams Facebook for your friends, here is what you can do. Start using Selective Tweets app on Facebook.

How Selective Tweets Works on Facebook:

  • Setting up is very simple just go to (

  • Enter your Twitter username and click save. You will be asked to grant permission to the app .
  • Now send a test tweet ending with ‘#fb’. It should appear on your Facebook.
  • The setup will be broken if you change your Twitter handle as it does not connect to your Twitter account but only monitors it.

Do you use any other app to share your Tweets onto Facebook? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Selective Tweets