Use unfriend finder to keep a check on Facebook friends

I feel now that everything can be done with Greasemonkey scripts. I have always thought how nice it would be if I could just know who all removed me from their friend list or if any of my friends deleted his/her Facebook profile. All this and more can now be done by using this Greasemonkey Script.

How would Facebook be in real life? [Video]

Facebook is a bit like a club. Where you get to meet interesting people, add common friends, have virtual farms and share photos online with friends without our knowing, other people can peek into them thanks to privacy problems. This is all possible obviously because it is virtual but what would our lives be like […]

How to Display Pictures of selected friends only on your Facebook Profile Page?

You may have heard that Facebook gives importance to Privacy. That’s the reason why many of us like it. They allows us to customize most of the widgets and information in the profile page easily. But had you ever thought that you could even edit the widget like the ‘Friends’ box, which shows random result. […]

How to delete ‘Pending Friend Request’ in Facebook

Most of the Facebook users still think that they don’t have an option of deleting ‘pending friend requests’ on Facebook i.e the friend requests that are sent by you but haven’t accepted or rejected (pending for approval) by the other user. Actually it’s possible and the way of doing that is quite simple too. Unlike […]

How to find your Orkut Friends on Facebook

It’s the time when most of the people have started using Facebook too along with other social networking sites specially orkut. But it’s so difficult in the begining to find each friend by name, search it and then send a friend request to add them as your friend. Don’t worry FacebooKnol readers don’t need to […]