How would Facebook be in real life? [Video]

Facebook is a bit like a club. Where you get to meet interesting people, add common friends, have virtual farms and share photos online with friends without our knowing, other people can peek into them thanks to privacy problems.

This is all possible obviously because it is virtual but what would our lives be like if Facebook was real and not virtual. How would it be to come across unwanted random status messages or hide from people who wanted to chat with us.

A funny video was created about how Facebook would be in real life. Have a look below and do let us know what do you think about it?
It does slightly put our silliness on Facebook into perspective when it is enacted out like a part of real life.

Do let us know if you think Facebook has taken over our real life?

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hacker9 May 24, 2010

cool vid,.n of coarse Facebook has taken over our real life,…we spend 50% of the day online,.. n the outdoor sports hav bcom history now.

Aditya Kane May 25, 2010

I am glad you liked it. But it does show that Facebook life is warped and unreal and very detached from real life which is evident from that video.