How to Display Pictures of selected friends only on your Facebook Profile Page?

You may have heard that Facebook gives importance to Privacy. That’s the reason why many of us like it. They allows us to customize most of the widgets and information in the profile page easily.

But had you ever thought that you could even edit the widget like the ‘Friends’ box, which shows random result. Facebook has options for this too. Even though many other social networking sites like like orkut, twitter etc too have these features, only Facebook values our privacy and helps us customize this.
Friend boxes in other social sites
Remember that, there are many users who evaluate you, just by looking at your friends. They may rate you just by checking your friends. If they see a ‘John Chow’ or ‘Problogger’, you may be someone respectful for them and if your profile shows pictures of your colleagues (it’s random, so it can be anyone), they will surely skip you. So instead of all these just highlight the pictures of some friends, whom everyone respects and make others see only them in your ‘Friends’ box, in the profile page.

This is not a trick but it is just an option provided by Facebook itself. With this, you can Display Pictures of selected friends only on your Facebook Profile Page.

  • Go to and sign-in to your profile
  • Scroll down the cursor and find the ‘Friends’ labeled box
  • Now, you may see the picture of a pencil in the right hand side of the title (see the picture)

Display selected friends only in your facebok profile, always !

  • Now, you may see a new drop-down menu
  • select the box  ‘Always show these friends’
  • Type-in the name of your friends whom you want to show in your facebook profile page permanently.

If you want to show the selected friends only, just select them as told here and in the ‘Show 6 Friends’, change the number to the number of friends you selected. Then the box can only display the friends you selected.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Rajeelkp, alias Reji. He is a teen blogger who blogs at labofweb. He loves web, blogging and social networking sites.

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Rodrigo Molina-Bachmann December 9, 2010

How do you do the same with the new Facebook Profile layout ?
The editing pencil on the corner of the Friends box won’t let you do this anymore.

I’d appreciate your time and help.

Regards, Rod.

linda April 10, 2012

question… I have a friend who appears to have removed herself from facebook, she is not on her kids site , boyfriends, site any longer… no picture, no profile when you punch in her name….. yet…. she still shows up in the number count of friends … for example boyfriend still shows six friends … but only 5 pictures..

can you explain….. no picture, no profile but appears in the number count of friends still??

she recently took a job at a very prestigious school as HR director .. my guess is they do not want her on facebook

Please advise