Blogger$ of the Month-changes again..

Blogger$ of the Month contest is now adopting a new face for the month of December,2009.

Previously we had the format in which we have selected top 3 bloggers for their posts from all the blogs across rtBlogs Network. The total prize money was $150, which was distributed as $75, $50and $25 to the these bloggers as per the ranks in the ratings table.

Whats New ??

For this month onwards we will have individual rating tables for 3 of our blogs namely,

Facebooknol – New Blog in Our Network

We are glad to introduce a new blog in our network, Facebooknol, dedicated for facebook fans. Facebooknol is combo of words – facebook + knol. While we all know facebook, knol comes from Google knol – a project that aims to include user-written articles on a range of topics, as explained by Wikipedia. Why a […]

Welcome To Facebooknol!

We welcome you to new blog in our rtBlogs network – Facebooknol. Facebooknol is our attempt to help existing facebook users get maximum out of this most popular social network in this world. Many users find facebook complicated as compared to social networks like Orkut. We will put our best efforts to help you smoothly […]