Facebooknol – New Blog in Our Network

facebooknol_logoWe are glad to introduce a new blog in our network, Facebooknol, dedicated for facebook fans.

Facebooknol is combo of words – facebook + knol. While we all know facebook, knol comes from Google knol – a project that aims to include user-written articles on a range of topics, as explained by Wikipedia.

Why a new blog on Facebook?

Well, obvious reason is Facebook’s popularity. More and more of our guest bloggers wanted to write about facebook but since Devils Workshop is generic blog on Internet & technology, posts that are too specific to Facebook was harder to approve.

Now, as we have a new blog on Facebook, we can publish every small details related to facebook. We have more plans in line to further help new users move to facebook. One excuse, I always encounter when I ask my friends to connect me on facebook is that they find facebook more complicated than Orkut! Now, with facebooknol, I hope to find them on facebook soon.

Man of the moment…sauravjit-singh

Original idea of Facebooknol including name was of Sauravjit Singh, who coincidentally happened to be first guest blogger on Devils Workshop. He contacted me last month with idea of facebook blog. As I was too busy with rtCamp, I asked him to take initiative. And he did!

So if you like idea of Facebooknol (and happen to make decent revenue with it in future) you should be grateful to Sauravjit. 🙂


What does this mean for guest blogger?


You have now one more blog, where you can write and earn. As this is a new blog, we will add advertising code after one week.

Since blog is dedicated to facebook, anything and everything related to facebook is fine. This also means, no facebook post should be ever published on Devils Workshop. 😉

Thanks to…

Our new designer Saorabh Kumar, who worked hard on Facebooknol theme.

Also thanks to Vivek Jain who glued everyone involved in launching Facebooknol.

Links: Facebooknol | Revenue Sharing Program

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