Welcome To Facebooknol!

We welcome you to new blog in our rtBlogs network – Facebooknol.

Facebooknol is our attempt to help existing facebook users get maximum out of this most popular social network in this world. Many users find facebook complicated as compared to social networks like Orkut. We will put our best efforts to help you smoothly adapt to facebook!

Actually, we think facebook is simplest and most secure social network out there. Its just we are so used to our yesterday’s social network that we find its hard to migrate to new social network.

At Facebooknol you will find….

  • Latest and most updated information about facebook
  • Insight into its somewhat overly complicated features like privacy settings
  • Undocumented things you can do with facebook using small tricks
  • Best and coolest facebook apps
  • Helps from fellow bloggers on your facebook related queries
  • and more….

If you really think we can make a difference to your facebook life you can…

Revenue sharing program…

Like other blogs in our network this one is also open for revenue sharing. If you were previously blogging on Devils Workshop or any other blog in our network, you no need to signup for a different account. Your same old username & password will work on login page.


sauravjit September 26, 2009

Welcome to the world wide web FacebooKnol 🙂
(test comment-“connect with facebook”)

Arjun S Kumar September 27, 2009

Nice theme designing and all the best for the future..