“Copyright Infringement”-A policy where Facebook sucks!

Facebook is so much concerned about things we share on it. They don’t want anybody’s copyrighted content to be misused by anyone, that’s why few months back they have completely changed their “Copyright Infringement Policy”. According to this policy Facebook don’t allow anybody to use anyone’s picture or any other copyrighted material. One way to remove copyrighted material is to report it to Facebook and other way is that they regularly check the new stuff uploaded on their website but both of these methods sucks. You know why? Let’s check both of them.

1. Reporting for Copyright infringement:

When you report for a copyrighted material sometimes Facebook removes it but not most of the times, you can see thousands of fake profile on Facebook which are using other user’s picture and Facebook don’t remove it even after reporting it for so many times.

2. Facebook removing pics automatically:

Personally I feel that this is the worst feature ever launched by Facebook and it’s totally inefficient. You guys want the proof, just check the screenshot below. It’s a warning I got from Facebook on my homepage.

That means Facebook removed a picture “lunar eclipse” which was uploaded by me just because someone else claimed it as their intellectual property. But the truth is that pic was taken by me and even there’s a copyright of my name on it. Also the bad part about this feature is that they don’t ask you before removing a picture, they just remove it and leave a warning on your homepage.

There features are totally ineffective and useless, they are just disturbing normal Facebook users not the fake ones. What do you think?

Facebook adds new ‘preview’ of link in comments

Facebook just launched a new feature which is to show a preview of the link that we share in comments. It’s obviously a good feature but good for spammers as well. This ‘preview’ of the page contains in a link shows a small randomly selected picture, which makes the comment as well as the link attractive so spammers can take advantage of it by using attractive pictures in a link so that more and more users will click it.

This ‘preview’ of links is working on comments made on a profile, page or a group. All you need to do is type a link including the http:// part and hit enter. It will automatically select a image from the shared link. Check out the screen shot below.

preview facebook

You can see the additional information with the link like a pic, blog’s name and info. There’s also an option of ‘remove preview’ as you can see above. Clicking on that link will remove the preview and only link will be shared like it used to be.

View all comments is back for ‘facebook albums’

One of the most important features of Facebook albums was to see all comments of an album in one place so that you can reply all of them without opening every single pic of the album. But Facebook removed this feature just like many other important features that made Facebook albums quite boring and lesser user friendly.

But this feature of Viewing all comments is back again. Facebook launched it recently without making any official information on their blog so users are still not familiar with it. Also there’s an additional feature that you can not only view comments of pictures in your album, but also for the pics your friends have uploaded.

To check comments on the pics of your album, open an album and find the Album View and Comment View button on the top right of the page. While Comment view enables you to view all the comments of that particular album, Album view button can be used to switch back to normal album view where you can watch only the pics without comments. Check the screenshot below.

Stuck somewhere or have something to share? Drop us a comment below 🙂

Rcom launches new Facebook mobile Application

Reliance and Facebook announced the launch of a new Facebook mobile app exclusively available for Reliance subscribers in India for a 3 month period. Finally! I always thought why doesn’t Reliance do something like this.

This new app will be available for all Java powered mobile phones. You do not need a smart phone for such purpose. The new Facebook app for Java-powered feature phones will be made available for most of the popular handset models in India. Reliance customers who are also Facebook users can now stay connected on their mobile phones without having to upgrade to a smart phone.

Reliance will be the first and only operator in India to offer this app.  Reliance is providing a special promotional offer where all users can enjoy this app free for three months without incurring any data charges.1. This app provides a ‘smartphone like’ experience on feature phones by showing features like viewing photos, synchronizing your local phone contacts with your Facebook friends and  Facebook login to third-party services within the app, such as news, sports, games, and weather.

The app will be available for Reliance Communications customers to download without any extra data charges from R World on their Reliance phones by typing – http://wap.rworld.co.in. Did you try this on your phone ? If yes then share your experience with me and if not then try it soon and let me know. 🙂

Share music on Facebook with Shazam

Do you have a smart phone ? Do you like using Shazam ? Well if answer to both of your questions is yes then you may find this interesting enough.

Now with the update available for Apple iOS today, users can tag music and immediately upload it on Facebook to share with their friends. These tagged and featured songs will be available for others also to see, if they too have the app activated and updated.

Alex Musil, Executive Vice President Product Marketing, at Shazam said,

Over three million songs are Shazamed each day, and thousands of these are shared individually by people on Facebook every day. Shazam Friends now makes it effortless for you to see, preview, add to your tag list, and buy a track that your friends have discovered or listened to using Shazam.

It’s always nice to listen to your friend’s choice. If I am given a choice to listen to some random song, I will definitely ask for my friend’s choice.

How to use Shazam ?

  • Download the app on your mobile phone or iPod touch.
  • Hold the device up to a song that’s playing on the radio, in a coffee shop, in a store etc.
  • Hold it still for about a minute and the app will tell you the name of the song and the artist.
  • You then have the option to buy the song, share it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

In Nokia phones you get a 30 day trial version, you can choose to buy also. what do you think ? Did you try this out ? Share your view with me.

Ask a Question: Facebook Relaunches it’s Feature

Did you notice today, that you can ask a question to many people on Facebook. Facebook relaunched it’s much-loved feature, Facebook Questions.

According to this feature, you can ask a certain question to many Facebookers. 🙂 We had this feature earlier also but with a difference.

All questions are still public, and answers by all users to the same question are listed on the same page. The difference is that each user gets a personalized view of the responses, ranked by what their friends voted on. Think of each answer as an anonymous poll where your friends’ answers are emphasized.

The questions are in a personalized way. Earlier it was for market research. Users can either add their own response, or just check a box to agree with answers already given by others. Specific places or products can be quickly included by linking to the appropriate Facebook page.

What do you think ? Share your view with me here. Do you like the return of Facebook Questions ? 🙂

Facebook Testing new Friend Requests!

Sending friend requests and making friends is one of the most loved features of Facebook. Facebook is testing a new way to do so.


Now the friend request shows you how many friends that person has, number of photos wall post ,etc. Well, this is a nice way to give you some insight about the other person.

This is only available for people who are using Facebook’s new messages. The image you are seeing above is taken from a Facebook user’s messages. Previously, these messages only contained a link to confirm the friendship and telling how many mutual friends you have.

How many of you experienced this new friend requests ? Share your view with me.

Facebook testing Check-ins for Events!

Facebook is testing the new feature that allows users to check-in to Facebook Places on a Facebook event page. The new feature will make Facebook places more popular and people may find it interesting to share their locations with a simple ‘yes-no’ for the event!

A blue Check In button has appeared for some on Events pages, as in the image below. The user has to have confirmed they are Attending, the current day has to be the same as the one for the Event, and users have to be geographically close enough to the event’s Facebook Place, according to All Facebook.

This new feature is only available on the mobile version of Facebook. Ah, so all people who are enjoying their Facebook on mobiles will love this feature. What about you ? Share your view with me.

Why the new Commenting System is bad for you !

Recently I told you that Facebook removed the comment button. Well, that was kind of surprising. I am still wondering why did Facebook take this step. Anyways I have noticed a few drawbacks if you use the new commenting system.

First of all, there is nothing like write a comment look at it confirm and press ‘Comment’. It’s like when you had that button a sense of security was there. When you are sure what you have written you pressed comment. Now you just need to press ‘Enter’.

If you think you have written something out of rage and you just wish to remove it, well in that case you just have a few moments. The ‘X’ sign that used to remove the comment earlier, now is used for editing. When you wish to edit a certain something, click on ‘X’, you are given an option to edit it. But remember this is only for a few seconds or till nobody else has replied below your comment.:(

This is weird, you cannot edit the comment once written, you cannot remove it accordingly. Oh my God that is like really dangerous. So now always think before writing, no matter how angry or happy you are! I have got myself into trouble so many times but always had an option to remove my words, now it’s not like that.

Did Facebook developers want people to fight on comments or just scared of commenting? I am busy wondering the reason behind it. What about you ? Share your view with me.

Tag friends in a Facebook Comment, now!

Wow, did you notice that now you can tag people while writing comments ? I just saw this today while commenting on rtCamp’s anniversary celebration pics. 🙂

You just need to add ‘@‘ sign before a name. Just as in the image I tagged @rtCamp, it gave me a number of options to choose from. 🙂 When you type the symbol ‘@’ before any letter, a drop down list appears to let you tag people.

This is fun! It wasn’t there earlier. It’s kind of new. Did you try this out ? Share your views with me after trying this yourself. 🙂