“Copyright Infringement”-A policy where Facebook sucks!

Facebook is so much concerned about things we share on it. They don’t want anybody’s copyrighted content to be misused by anyone, that’s why few months back they have completely changed their “Copyright Infringement Policy”. According to this policy Facebook don’t allow anybody to use anyone’s picture or any other copyrighted material. One way to remove copyrighted material is to report it to Facebook and other way is that they regularly check the new stuff uploaded on their website but both of these methods sucks. You know why? Let’s check both of them.

1. Reporting for Copyright infringement:

When you report for a copyrighted material sometimes Facebook removes it but not most of the times, you can see thousands of fake profile on Facebook which are using other user’s picture and Facebook don’t remove it even after reporting it for so many times.

2. Facebook removing pics automatically:

Personally I feel that this is the worst feature ever launched by Facebook and it’s totally inefficient. You guys want the proof, just check the screenshot below. It’s a warning I got from Facebook on my homepage.

That means Facebook removed a picture “lunar eclipse” which was uploaded by me just because someone else claimed it as their intellectual property. But the truth is that pic was taken by me and even there’s a copyright of my name on it. Also the bad part about this feature is that they don’t ask you before removing a picture, they just remove it and leave a warning on your homepage.

There features are totally ineffective and useless, they are just disturbing normal Facebook users not the fake ones. What do you think?