Best SMS Service you must use this New Year!

After the launch of various group messaging services in India, what comes to your mind as soon as you hear the word ‘SMS’? The answer must be surely either Google SMS Channels, SMSGupShup, Mytoday or Vakow. If not that, atleast Ways2SMS must have hit your mind. Isn’t it? But today I am going to introduce […]

Get Rapidshare premium accounts for free

Earlier we posted about Free Rapidshare premium account giveaway by few bloggers. This giveaway by bloggers can simply be said as a  practice for increasing their loyal readers. I think this an awesome idea for increasing a blog’s popularity and also its regular readers. Well, you must be aware of the fact, previously the give […]

Free Microsoft software for Indian students

Recently, on an English daily, I read about Bill Gates visit to India. I was wondering whether he have any specific plans behind the India tour? In the mean while I came to know, at IIT Delhi, he announced about his new initiative – Dreamspark wherein he is going to offer free Microsoft software for […]