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free rapidshare premium account

Earlier we posted about Free Rapidshare premium account giveaway by few bloggers. This giveaway by bloggers can simply be said as a  practice for increasing their loyal readers. I think this an awesome idea for increasing a blog’s popularity and also its regular readers. Well, you must be aware of the fact, previously the give away was just "by blogger for blogger". It means those bloggers who wanted to participate in the contest, needed to be a blogger and had to post about the giveaway on their blog to be eligible for participation.

Unlike the previous giveaway, is giving away rapidshare login details to their email subscribers. Every month new login info will be mailed to their subscribers, but the catch is, as soon you receive the email, you need to change the password of provided account. The one who will change the password of provided account will be the owner. 🙂 Alternatively you can visit this page regularly and check for a account login. I would advice Rapidshare hungry guys to subscribe to Geniushackers without waiting any more. (Even I have subscribed to it). 😉

Update (18th Feb. 2008): Now the guys at genius hackers have come up with another give away plan wherein, if you are a blogger, you have got a chance to get login details for genuine Rapidshare account purchased by Genius Hackers. For further info and to know their terms and conditions, just head over to this page.

Links: Subscription | More details

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10 replies on “Get Rapidshare premium accounts for free”

  1. no loss all gain! I have subscribed to it as well! But first one who gets to change the password gets the account is kinda ridiculous.

    Ask me why? its cos the blog owner can be just bluffing. He never declares who get to change the password. He “might” be giving an account with a wrong password, so even if I am the first one to check the subscribed post, I wont be able to access the rapidshare account (since pass given is wrong) and I would think that someone else must have got it before me! Same with everyone else as well.

    What ya say?

    1. @Raju
      I understand what you are saying..
      But dude.. In blogosphere we don’t have any other way but to believer co-bloggers..

      Still, I will ask the owner of that site to clarify your doubt. 🙂

  2. Hello Raju,
    I cant find a way to make you believe.I would be glad if you can tell me how i can make you believe.
    I don’t think you would believe me even if a picked a winner myself and posted it on my blog. You would start claiming that i picked my friend as a winner or i created a fake winner unless i pick you as the winner. I know about people faking, but we have noway except to believe them. I personally won few contests online. I wouldn’t have won them if i was pessimistic like you.

  3. Please dont get me wrong, I was just talking in general, nothing personal against you. As i specified earlier, I myself subscribed to the newsletter after going through your blog. Hope it clears all the air surrounding this particular give-away. cheers!

  4. @Satish Gandham
    Thanks for dropping in and clearing Raju’s doubt 🙂

    That is what I said you.. Except believing a fellow blogger one cannot do anything else. 🙂

    Yea.. There’s no doubt in that.
    He is really an extra ordinary guy 😉

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