Best SMS Service you must use this New Year!

After the launch of various group messaging services in India, what comes to your mind as soon as you hear the word ‘SMS’? The answer must be surely either Google SMS Channels, SMSGupShup, Mytoday or Vakow. If not that, atleast Ways2SMS must have hit your mind. Isn’t it? But today I am going to introduce you with a SMS service after using which, you will surely rethink while choosing to rate these free SMS services.

foosms Foosms, a Bangalore based company claims to provide you the best service at the most affordable price. Though it does not support group messaging, 🙁 but still as compared to other free SMS services in India, it is better. It has a plan for users who do not want to pay anything and also for them who want to avail paid services. As customary, if you send free SMS, it will contain advertisement ranging from 40-50 characters and there is no option to choose the sender ID of the SMS, but one thing I like in their free service is that you need not create any user id or login to send free SMS. 🙂 Now comes the paid service, if you are planning to pay out for the SMSes you send, then choosing the sender ID of the SMS will be upon your discretion, provided you authenticate the mobile number. For paid users, there are also options to schedule outgoing messages, so you need not bother of greeting your well wishers while you are parting at mid night this new year. 😉

foosms1 Here comes a quick highlight on the advantages of FooSMS paid services:

  • A simple and hassle free interface of their website.
  • Option to schedule SMS to be sent at a future point of time.
  • Support for API using which you can create your own SMS applications.
  • Option to import delivery reports of the SMS sent.
  • Support for bulk contact imports and personalized messaging
  • Flexibility to choose the sender ID.

Except these advantages, there are certain disadvantages and drawbacks present in FooSMS too which I will discuss some other time. But I said it to be the best SMS service to be used this new year, because all operators blacklist holidays and you cannot use their promotional SMS schemes on these days and ultimately costing you around 2 rupees per STD SMS whereas if you purchase SMS credits from FooSMS it will cost you approx. 35-40 paise only per SMS. If you know any better service, do let me know.

Well, there is a good news for you all. To test out this service, we are giving away 50 SMS credits per user to first 10 commentators. If you too want to try out this cool service, just create your own account on FooSMS and let us know your id on FooSMS so that we can credit your account within 24 hours. 🙂

Hope you will enjoy wishing your loved ones using this cool SMS service. 🙂


p align=”justify”>Links: FooSMS (Free) (Paid) | Register | Pricing Details


Gautam December 28, 2008

Thats nice
but as u talked of scheduling posts, if u do that at new year, all lines are jammed. You cant call anyone.

And I want to avail that credit 😛

I am the 1st commentor coz i read ur post thru rss in my google desktop sidebar 😀

Gautam December 28, 2008

I don’t want credit

I don’t have mobile :-((
vaise hai.. but don’t want to give out the number there 😛

Abhishek Jain December 28, 2008

Hey I would like to check this thing out..
My user i.d would be: Abhishekie
Do the need full! 🙂

aggil December 29, 2008

That’s Great!!!
It can send upto 120 chars

Give me 50 SMS credits

My ID : aggil


Shalin Desai December 29, 2008

How much safe is it to let people send SMSes to any number without authenticating senders’ numbers ? If we see any online SMS service (e.g. way2sms/indyarocks etc), they first authenticate the sender’s number so that the receiver knows the identity of the sender.

In foosms, they don’t authenticate the identity of the sender. If someone starts getting vulgar/threatening or for that matter any unsolicited messages, against whom will he complain ? How is the safety issue taken care of? This service seems similar to issuing a sim card without identification proof !!!!

Deepak Jain December 29, 2008

@ Abhishek, @ Aggil:
SMS points credited into your account 🙂

@ Shalin
SMS authentication is not required for sending free SMS and the sender id there appears as “FOOSMS.COM” by default. Also an advertisement is being appended.. As such, it may not harm anyone.

Pranav Gupta December 29, 2008

Hey my username is ‘pgchillpill’

Deepak Jain December 30, 2008

@ Pranav
Balance credited 🙂

Azeem Shaikh December 30, 2008

Hi, my username is ‘coolazeem’.

Am I lucky enough to win?

freeair December 30, 2008

My id is freeair

am i getng anything?

Mahajan December 30, 2008

Sir my username is
kindly send it to me also

Mahajan December 30, 2008

My username is
kindly send it to me

Freeair December 30, 2008

My id is freeair
do the neeful 😛

Ggal December 30, 2008

garima is my id

plz transfer the credit


Deepak Jain December 31, 2008

@ Azeem,Mahajan,Freeair,Ggal:

SMS balance credited to everybody’s account 🙂

3 more person can avail the give-away.. Do let me know if you want too 🙂

p@r@noid December 31, 2008

I wil prefer smsgupshup. For me it work like charm fast and reliable!!

Azeem Shaikh December 31, 2008

Thanks a lot!!!

Deepak Jain January 1, 2009

@ Azeem:
Most welcome dude 🙂

Emad November 5, 2009

@Deepak bro can i also get this credit if i give my id to you?

Emad November 5, 2009

Kindly give me this credit my id is ema444