How to send a friend request on facebook

No doubt facebook is one of the most popular social networking site around the world. As it is getting more and more popular people joining to facebook more and more. This post is intended to guide  super beginners. This post helps you to now how we can send friend request in facebook. 1st Method: Step 1: […]

How to delete ‘Pending Friend Request’ in Facebook

Most of the Facebook users still think that they don’t have an option of deleting ‘pending friend requests’ on Facebook i.e the friend requests that are sent by you but haven’t accepted or rejected (pending for approval) by the other user. Actually it’s possible and the way of doing that is quite simple too. Unlike […]

Facebook is Attracting Your Orkut, Rediff and Other Friends

In recent update, Facebook is attracting your friends at services Orkut, Rediff, Terra, UOL and many other. Orkut is hugely popular in India and South America specially Brazil. Rediff is among top portal in India. While Terra & UOL are popular services in Brazil. Just noticed following welcome message on Facebook. After following initial instructions, […]

Now Easily Search Your Friends On Orkut!

Actually this is not technically a new feature Orkut has introduced, but this recent small change will make an old feature more usable for sure. As you can see below, there is a new search box on your Orkut Homepage now called search friends in addition to old search orkut… Now lets do a quick […]