Orkut Now Suggesting New Friends! [New Feature]

During the mid of this year, Orkut launched a new feature wherein it was recommending users to join communities that may be of their interest. Though the feature was not of much use, but after having a look on the community recommendation feature, Orkut users in the Orkut help group started demanding for a feature wherein their profile may list a couple of persons they may be knowing. And it is good to know that, it did not take Orkut too long to introduce what its users demanded. 🙂

Orkut_friend suggestion

If you have ever used other famous social networking sites like Hi5 or Facebook, then by know you must have surely understood what exactly this feature is and what is the real funda behind it. Basically ‘friend suggestions’ feature works by searching people who are more common to the network of friends in your existing friend list. The above displayed pane of ‘Friends suggestions by Orkut’ can be viewed on your homepage just below the ‘Recent Visitors’ area. If you are yet to see this feature on your profile, I guess it need not be mentioned that Orkut has a practice of rolling out new features phase wise. So, till then enjoy looking the above image. 😉 Though this feature too may not be of much use, but it seems Orkut is trying to bring all the features its competitors like Hi5 & Facebook have, doesn’t matter how useful they are. Isn’t it?

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Thanks Vishal for the tip and screenshot. 🙂