Facebook is Attracting Your Orkut, Rediff and Other Friends

In recent update, Facebook is attracting your friends at services Orkut, Rediff, Terra, UOL and many other. Orkut is hugely popular in India and South America specially Brazil. Rediff is among top portal in India. While Terra & UOL are popular services in Brazil.

Just noticed following welcome message on Facebook.

Facebook - Invite Orkut Users.png

Facebook - Invite Friend.png

After following initial instructions, I logged into Orkut and clicked on Bookmarklet as instructed in above screenshot. I was able to invite all friends so easily from Orkut only.

Yesterday, Sauravjit posted about Facebook adding support for Indian languages and today they are after users of popular sites in India. This all indicate Facebook is taking expansion in Indian subcontinent seriously. 😉


Mandar Salvi May 8, 2009

Kwel! Facebook rocks 🙂

Harsh Agrawal May 8, 2009

Nice find Rahul, I saw the update and added that bookmarklet to my bookmark. When I tried to open that link it popped up a window and does nothing. I wonder it’s only me who is facing this issue or there are others as well?

Rahul Bansal May 8, 2009

May be Facebook servers are overloaded. It worked for me few times. It took lots of time to load on some occasions.