Insert HTML Signature in Gmail [Greasemonkey Script]

HTML Signature in Gmail

By default Gmail doesn’t allow HTML signature in outgoing emails. Means all tags you put into signature will appear as it is.

There are multiple ways to overcome this problem. Simplest is too have a HTML editor and copying HTML signature into Gmail, thanks to Gmail’s WYSIWYG editor. This method is good for one or two mails everyday.

Next you can do this using a Greasemonkey script either. As greasemonkey is for firefox only, other user can still follow method described above.


Firefox users can install Gmail – Insert HTML Signature script.

After installation, script will create a HTML signature box in left sidebar. There you can put as many signature as you want and also set which signature to be used by default (in case of multiple signature).

Also each signature can be assigned a memorable name as shown in screenshot below which appears when you add new or edit existing signatures!

Create A HTML Signature for Gmail

Once done, every time you compose a new email as well as reply to any, your signature will be be appended automatically.

if you are using plain-text signature in Gmail, that will be also added to new mails. You can either use both or remove old signature by going to Settings >> General >> Signature!

Links: Install Script | Greasemonkey | Firefox

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How many Gmail Addresses You Have! [Gmail Trick]

Most Gmail users will answer one! Rest will answer 2-3 or little more. But in reality, all Gmail users have infinite Gmail addresses even if they have registered for only one Gmail account!

All these addresses act as aliases to Gmail address you use and can be divided in three categories as explained below. At the end some smart tips are given to make use of these aliases to get more from your Gmail accounts!

So lets start with aliases now…

#1. alias

GoogleMail Logo Every [email protected] have a alias [email protected] by default. So even if you send me mail at [email protected] it will be delivered to my inbox as shown in following screenshot…

googlemail alias is official domain for service in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. More information about this is available on Gmail’s wikipedia page.

This makes your address count: 2




#2. dot [.] alias

Gmail ignores dot [.] character in email address. Means all of the following are same…

Check these screenshots…

gmail dot alias1

gmail dot alias2

More information about this is available on Gmail’s Help Center.

This will raise your address count considerably. But still you can count them!



#3. Plus [+] alias

Now first look at this example – [email protected]

Now this is also same as – [email protected]

gmail plus alias2

Gmail ignores plus [+] character and anything after that in ID part!

So is same as [email protected]


What about count now? πŸ˜‰


#4. Combination of aliases

Yep, you can use above aliases in any possible combination. Check following screenshot, I used all three of above at once… πŸ˜‰

gmail combo alias

Are you still counting? πŸ˜€


Now you may be wondering what to do with these virtual infinite email addresses (or aliases). First give your original email address without plus and dots to your friends and other real people only. Now out of aliases I personally recommend to go for plus aliases as they are more readable.

Now comes some tips…

#1. Better Organizing Emails…

First create aliases like below…

Next create labels like social, forums, biz, etc and finally create an individual filter for each alias + label combo!

This may sound a lot of work but once its done, it saves your time forever! πŸ™‚


#2. Catching Spammers…

Many websites ask for email addresses. If you suspect the website may spam your inbox in feature, use a Gmail alias instead of real email address.

If you get spam mails targeted to alias in future you may assume website is affiliated with spammers!

Note this method is technically not full proof as website may strip extra characters from email addresses… πŸ™


There can be more smart usage of this email aliases. If you have one, please let us know! πŸ™‚


Google added Invisible mode to Gmail Chat [Google Talk]

Gmail Chat Invisible ModeOne of the most awaited feature Google Talk lovers has been waiting for is out. Just read on Google’s official Gmail blog that Gmail Chat version of Google Talk will now have option to go invisible!

Jonas Lindberg quoted,

With this feature, you can appear offline, and still send and receive messages. If you’re using AIM in Gmail, invisible mode also makes you appear signed out on the AIM network.

Many developers will find this interesting as they can chat with other fellow developers without any interruption now. One bad new for boys is that all gals can go invisible now to avoid them! πŸ˜€

Personally this is the feature I was waiting for. Hope to see it in Google Talk application soon! πŸ™‚

Useful Link: Request a Gmail chat feature to Google | Official Gmail Post


Everything About Gmail’s New Colored Labels!


Gmail_Colored_Label Gmail_Colored_Label_1

If you used labels too often then you might have noticed slightly different labels box today with some squares next to them! Well its nothing but Gmails colored label feature! So how to use this feature?

It is by default enabled on new Gmail Version which is available only for IE7 and Firefox 2+.


# How to color a label?

Just click on square box next to each label and you will see a small palate of 24-colors as shown in above screenshot! Also there is a link "Remove color" on same palate which comes in handy if you want to remove color at all!

# Editing label name made simpler…

Yep. On same palate there is a link Edit Name, which on clicking prompts new name!


Here this small palate could have been better if there is "Delete Label" link on it!

Anyway hold on there is more….

Gmail_Colored_Label_more_action # Removing labels from a mail/conversation…

No need to scroll down more actions to remove a label. Instead have a look at subject line and at the end of it you will notice every label with a separate "x" link. Just click on it and that label will be removed from mail/conversation you are reading!

Just have a look at following screenshot…


That’s All! If you find something missing over here, let us know! πŸ™‚

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How to get more space on Gmail/Picasa Web/Google Account?

Purchase Storage from GoogleWhen you reach the limit of free storage for your Google Account (i.e., 1GB for Picasa Web Albums, 2.8GB for Gmail) don’t get panic, don’t start deleting your mails/images and other attachments!

There is simple way to overcome this problem by buying some storage. As Googles Official Blog, plan starts at $20/year for 6GB (yes, $5 cheaper than before), with larger plans ranging up to 250GB. (Click here to see all plans)

Also you can check current space usage across all Google Services for your Google Account at one place!

Whats surprising me is the exclusion of service like Google Pages which is quite popular among not-so-geek users and hosting many small websites! Strangely Google have storage upgradation plans for services having 1GB (Picasa) and 2.8GB (Gmail) but no donuts for 100MB service which is Google Pages! :O


Updates: Gmail video deadline extended!

Few days ago we have posted an opportunity to get your video featured on Gmails Homepage!
The deadline for same has been extended to 17 August 2007!

Meanwhile over 1000 video has been submitted so rush before you get too late! Here are some of the best videos as of now. Hope you like these! πŸ™‚


Hyperpolyglotic Gmail – Now in 41 Languages!

According to wikipedia the term hyperpolyglot means a person one who can speak six or more languages fluently! And also according to it Ziad Fazah is reputed to be the world’s most accomplished hyperpolyglot. It is said that he speaks, reads and understands 58 languages!

Guess whos the next in race???

Thats our beloved Gmail with now available in 41 languages! Gmails official blog says,

If you’re multilingual, feeling adventurous, or if you just want to test how well you know the Gmail user interface, try changing your account language settings. Sound a little risky? Don’t worry – it’s easy. You can change the language through the Settings menu. Get a taste of what hyperpolyglotic…

Let us know how many of these language UIs do you recognize?


Opportunity: Get your video featured on Gmails Homepage!

Here comes a nice opportunity form Gmail Team for all users.

If you think you are kool with a video camera then this time you might get a chance to show your skill on Gmails homepage!

Check out following video to know this what is this all about!



You can add your clip to this video.Gmail Team says,

Help us imagine how an email message travels around the world. Take a look at the collaborative video we started, and then film what happens next. We’ll rotate a selection of the clips we receive on this page, and add the best ones to the video. The final video will be featured on the Gmail homepage and seen by users worldwide.

All it takes is a video camera, the Gmail M-velope ( ), and some creativity.

3β€œStep How-To Guide.

  1. Print out M-velope () which is in this pdf.
  2. Film your part of the story.
    • Keep it under 10 seconds
    • Make sure the M-velope is clearly visible and make sure it enters from the left of the screen and exits from the right
    • Don’t worry about audio, we’ll put music over the final video
    • Visit the Google Mail Help Discussion for more tips and tricks
  3. Submit your video on YouTube. You can record a new video, submit from your existing uploaded videos or upload a new video out there.

Submit your clip by August 13th, 2007 to be considered for the final collaborative video!

Happy Shooting πŸ˜‰

Links: Original Article


Gmail: Google brought extra Disks!

Yep… It looks like Google brought extra disks for GMail!
After making orkut open to all around 6 months back, Google made GMail open to all! Now no needs to get invitation for having 2.8+ GB free email service!

Well if your already have Google Account without Gmail Account then follow this link to add Gmail to your account! Note every Gmail account is a Google account but reverse may not be true!

Finally the question remains what to do with 61 Gmail invitation that still in my account! Well let Google take care of that, till then you enjoi Gmail!

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