Get your Home’s Exact Geographic Co-Ordinate

Now you can get Latitude and Longitude of any place on this Earth by using Wikimapia, which is an online map and satellite imaging resource that combines Google Map to view whole Earth without any need of Installing any Software. Its very easy to get any position’s Exact Latitude and Longitude using Wikimapia, and its […]

3 steps to add YouTube style Google Maps!

How often you want to show a map like Google Map or a location from wikimapia on your blog/websites! If you are blogging about tourism then you might be tired of capturing screenshot or making videos of maps! What about adding a live Youtube-style embedded Google map on your site/blog which user can zoom in, […]

Integarte Google Maps & Wikimapia for better planning of your trip!

I have been using Google Maps and Wikimapia from quite long time! Till yesterday if it comes to plan a trip I was getting confused between Google Maps and Wikimapia as both have some features that are unique to them! What I was missing most is millions of placemarks (places annotated on maps by users) […]