Integarte Google Maps & Wikimapia for better planning of your trip!

I have been using Google Maps and Wikimapia from quite long time! Till yesterday if it comes to plan a trip I was getting confused between Google Maps and Wikimapia as both have some features that are unique to them!

What I was missing most is millions of placemarks (places annotated on maps by users) which covers almost everything exist on planet Earth!

But today while reading Googles Lat Long Blog I found a cool MappletsWikimapia Layer which can be used to add wikimapia information layer over Google Maps!


Following two screenshots are enough to highlight difference between information you can see with and without Wikimapia Layer Mapplet!

This is screenshot of a location before adding Wikimapia Data (click on image for fullscreen view)

Google Map without Wikimapia Data

This is same location but with added data (click on image for fullscreen view)

Google Map with Wikimapia Data


Click here to add Wikimapia Layer to your Google Maps account! You may need to login to your Google Maps account if you are not already logged in.
Enable Disable Mapplets on Google Maps#To Enable/Disable…

Look at screenshot on right hand side >>>

If you are on search tab switch to Maps tab first!

Now every Mapplet have one check box associated with as you can see in highlighted area!

Just checking the highlighted box will Enable this mapplet! Similarly if you get feeling that wikimapias huge data is cluttering your Google Maps you can uncheck the same highlighted checkbox to disable this feature!

#Need More Mapplets…

Click here to check out some popular mapplets and here for new mapplets!

What??? Want to develope your own? Developer Tools are here! 🙂


Kunal chandegaonkar March 20, 2008

If possible send me same map picture of nasil city

Rahul Bansal March 20, 2008

Nasil City??
Where it is??
Or u mean Nasik city…