5 Advantages Google+ has over Facebook

I have been using Google+ for almost a week now and there is still a long way for it to go before it starts really competing with Facebook. I think they have really integrated Google products and services nicely into a social network. I felt there are 5 key advantages that Google+ has over it […]

[Cheat Sheet] Google+ Tips and Shortcuts for Windows and Mac Users

Google+ has been here for a week now. As we are exploring it, we are finding various tricks to add more functionality to Google+. We discovered a Chrome extension that lets you share Google+ posts and updates on Twitter. We also came across an online tool using which you can create easy to remember short URL […]

Create Easy to Remember Short URL of Your Google+ Profile

I have liked using Google Plus for a few days, but found the Google+ ID a little too tedious to remember. The Google+ profile is basically a numerical id and very difficult to share with people. There is no way to customize this profile id into a login name. But there is a quick fix […]

Google Plus risks failure by being too exclusive!

When Google revealed its new social project, namely Google Plus and everyone wanted to be invited to the party. That’s how Google has usually rolled out services since they launched Gmail. When Gmail was newly launched by Google, having a Gmail account became quite important for people. If interest and exclusivity are benchmarks, then Google […]

Share Google+ posts and updates on Facebook and Twitter

Google Plus has been around for a couple of days and it being still a little too exclusive, which has meant that a lot of my friend on Twitter and Facebook cannot be found on Google+. Also services like Hootsuite and Digsby which are useful for managing and sharing updates across two or three different […]

Google+ Invites: Latest Rage on Social Media Websites!

Google has always, introduced new services either by rolling them out for everyone in one go or by invitation. It all started with Gmail, when it was launched, Google allowed people to use and create a new Gmail account only via invitations. With Google Wave, it was the same and people clamored for invitations from friends and […]

[Google + Project] Google’s New Weapon Against Facebook

There is a popular cliché which is often repeated in the blogging world, that quote is “Content is King”.  If content is king, then surely Google and Facebook control much of the kingdom. Both are used extensively by people for discovering new content. Search engines led the way for a long time, but lately people […]