Share Google+ posts and updates on Facebook and Twitter

Google Plus has been around for a couple of days and it being still a little too exclusive, which has meant that a lot of my friend on Twitter and Facebook cannot be found on Google+. Also services like Hootsuite and Digsby which are useful for managing and sharing updates across two or three different social networks have not yet integrated Google+.

With Google Plus Extended Share extension for Chrome, users can share something they see on their Google Plus feeds and share it on their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Google+ to Facebook and Twitter


The extension adds a new ‘Send To’ option with your Google Plus updates. Clicking on it will give you the option of sharing the link to that update on Twitter and Facebook.

I found that the options with “Send To” showed up with any publicly shared Google+ post which means I could share posts by my friends on Google+ too.

I am sure that once Google+ is out of beta, users will get a lot of integration options for sharing one update across many different social networks.

But for the moment this extension seems to be nifty for cross-sharing across profiles on different networks.

Do try out the extension if you are using Chrome and drop in your comments.

Link: Google Plus Extended Share


aditya July 5, 2011

hi aditya kane, plz send me google + invite.

Aditya Kane July 6, 2011

Currently Google Plus has stopped allowing invites so unfortunately could not send you invite.

Siddhartha Sinha July 5, 2011

Hmmm…This is the nice by make post into both

Rushi July 6, 2011

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