Google+ Invites: Latest Rage on Social Media Websites!

Google has always, introduced new services either by rolling them out for everyone in one go or by invitation. It all started with Gmail, when it was launched, Google allowed people to use and create a new Gmail account only via invitations.

With Google Wave, it was the same and people clamored for invitations from friends and family along with some websites who offered invitations.

How Twitter reacted to Google Plus Invites!

Twitter is usually a good place to look up how much buzz a certain brand, product is creating. This is because, Twitter is open and not private at all.

According to Trendistic, About %1 of all tweets across almost 24 hours on Twitter had the word “Google” included in it. If Twitter gets about 190 million tweets per day, hence roughly about 1.9 million tweets had the word Google in it.


This is a remarkable way to increase word of mouth publicity but it has its pitfalls. When Google Wave was invite only based, it got a lot of negative publicity and that too spread word of mouth. This is markedly different from Apple, which never speak about a new product and lets the media do all the speculating which ends up being free publicity.

More about Google+ later when I land up an invite. 🙂  Do drop in your views and comments.

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Anuj June 30, 2011

I just checked out on eBay and many sellers are selling Google + invite.

Rajeel July 2, 2011

I got an invitation of google +. It’s simply like facebook with buzz, our picasa images all associated in it. I haven’t gone deeply into it. Will share when i finds anything 🙂

Anirudh July 2, 2011

I have a google plus account. If you need invite, let me know.

Wally July 4, 2011

please send me invitation letter for google plus.

Aditya Kane July 4, 2011

At the moment Google+ account does not show options to invite others. Try signing up directly from .. it has worked for some.

alok July 3, 2011

@anirudh: hey can u invite mr to google+