Google suggests show direct links in search bar

Today I was playing around on the Google search page and looking up interesting Google suggestions which have always had its funny posts. But Google suggest feature which automatically shows suggestions in a drop down in the search box are quite useful and probably makes its easier for people who do not use search engines […]

21 Interesting facts about Google

Google is everyone favorite search engine and I’m not sure how many of you really know history behind Google. Here are some interesting facts about Google search engine, which you would love to know. Google started in January, 1996 as a research project at Stanford University, by Ph.D. candidates Larry Page and Sergey Brin when […]

How to: Use Google SSL Search as Default Search Engine in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Google made it clear to the world that it cares for user security and privacy, by introducing SSL version of its search engine yesterday. It will prevent third parties from intercepting search terms and search results, as a result of the encrypted connection. Currently it is in its beta stage, but one can still make full use of it by using https everytime you perform a search on google.

And if you are too lazy, you can follow the steps below, to make Google SSL as your default search engine on Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. With this, everytime you perform a search through browser search box, it will be encrypted. Here we go:

Secure Google Search: Now use Https While Searching

Facebook is always in news because of user privacy and another concern which keeps users in dilemma is security. We use lots of anti-viruses, Spywares and tips and tricks to keep ourselves secure. But the shortest way to keep secure is by using encrypted connecting like using https connection. This is one of the reason […]

5 Chrome Extensions To Enhance your Google Search Experience

We all are aware of ourselves, how much addicted to google we are. And when it comes to google search, we all use it regularly whether we are searching for a software or, information regarding a topic and in-short, finding solutions to all kinds of problems. To enhance the google search results page, here are some extensions for google chrome, that provide increased functionality to the search.

Translate your search query in Google

Google Search has inducted another feature which gives the user the option to translate the keyword which is being searched into another language. If you just type in the query and hit search while on, you will obviously get a list of results. Click on Show Options. Check within More Options which shows up on […]