21 Interesting facts about Google

Google is everyone favorite search engine and I’m not sure how many of you really know history behind Google. Here are some interesting facts about Google search engine, which you would love to know.
  • Google started in January, 1996 as a research project at Stanford University, by Ph.D. candidates Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were 24 years old and 23 years old respectively.
  • Googol is a mathematical term 1 followed by one hundred zeroes. The term was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasne.
  • The name Google™ was an accident. A spelling mistake made by the original founders who thought they were going for ˜Googol™”.
  • Google consists of over 450,000 servers,  racked up in clusters located in data centers around the world.
  • When Serge Brin and Larry Page were born, Bill Gates had a nervous breakdown.
  • Atlantis, Shakespeare’s unknown diaries and Mozart’s unreleased album were found using Google.
  • The infamous “I’m feeling lucky” button is nearly never used. However, in trials it was found that removing it would somehow reduce the Google experience. Users wanted it kept. It was a comfort button.
  • Google translates billions of HTML web pages into a display format for WAP and i-mode phones and wireless handled devices.
  • 57% of American kids say ‘Google’ as their first word.
  • 620 million visitors visit Google.com daily.
  • 97% of Google Revenue comes from their advertising services.
  • Google processes 20 Petabyte of information daily.
  • As of December 2009, Google’s assets were valued at $40.5 billion.
  • Google has a world-class staff of more than 2,668 employees known as Googlers. The company headquarters is called the Googleplex.
  • Google’s index of web pages is the largest in the world, comprising of billions of web pages. Google searches this immense collection of web pages often in less than half a second.
  • All the letters used in the ‘Google’ word are copyrighted by Google. According to forecasts, Google will buy rights for other letters soon (which made Chinese and Japanese very happy). The company name won’t change, though.
  • When Google started it indexed 25,000 web pages. Today Google indexes billions of web pages and each time it grows by 10-25%.
  • According to Google “As the web grows search becomes more and more important”. It acts like a library , the bigger the library the more important is the index.
  • The biggest break in search came when Google introduced their improved spell checker seen as “Did you mean ? ”.This feature doubled their traffic and soon the developers discovered that the ideal placement was at the bottom of the search results.
  • Every now and then Google makes small changes and test them with a given set of users. The users aren’t told of this. They are presented with a new interface and the testers observe how the users react to it.
  • There isn’t any restriction for proper dress code in the Google office. This may include pajamas and even super hero costumes.

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Link : About Google | History of Google

Are you aware of all these Facts about Google? Would love to know something which we are not aware about Google. Do share with us, if you have something interesting to share about Google?



vishnu June 20, 2010

awesome! google rocks!

Vishwanath dalvi June 20, 2010

@vishnu.. Google will take over the world!!

niraj June 20, 2010

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Vishwanath dalvi June 20, 2010

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Akshay June 20, 2010

Nice post

Rahul June 20, 2010

Nice information bro.

Vishwanath dalvi June 20, 2010

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jaganmangat June 20, 2010

“When Serge Brin and Larry Page were born, Bill Gates had a nervous breakdown”that was very funny…..!!!!the post was awesome..too..!!!!good job…..!!!!!

Vishwanath dalvi June 20, 2010

@jaganmangat.. Its My personal favorite man..

jaganmangat June 20, 2010

that is cool buddy…….!!!!!

Avi Singh June 21, 2010

“57% of American kids say ‘Google’ as their first word.”
And what about Indians? Guruji? #lol

Vishwanath dalvi June 21, 2010

Hey Avi.. Indians first learn.. to say.. Maa and Paa.. hoo hooo ..

sheetal June 21, 2010

wow.. these facts really are shocking.. from 1996 to 2010 and becoming number 1 search engine of world.. awesome mate..hatts off to Larry Page and Sergey Brin…Thanks for sharing this information.

Vishwanath dalvi June 21, 2010

@sheetal Ur.. most welcome..

vaibhav June 21, 2010

2nd point is incorrect. pls change..

1 googol = 1.0 × 10^100

Vishwanath dalvi June 21, 2010

@vaibhav nice one friend.. Big fan Of Google..

Aditya Kane June 22, 2010

Thanks Vaibhav but the term Googol does mean One followed by a hundred Zeros. This when expressed mathematically is 1 googol = 1.0 x 10^100. So you are correct when its represented mathematically but the post information is also correct. You can look up more info on the number Googol at Wikipedia.

vaibhav June 22, 2010

word GOOGOL means One followed by a hundred Zeros and not GOOGLE as has been written in the 2nd point and that is my concern.. anyways finally its ur say..

Aditya Kane June 22, 2010

That’s a good one. Wish I had your eyes. Fixed.

Zubin June 21, 2010

Really a good Info about GOOGLE.. I guess writting another article on its services would be another great experience for the readers.. Thanks bro!

Vishwanath dalvi June 21, 2010

@Zubin.. I’m looking forward to it..

shyam June 21, 2010

nice info 😉
.Google will buy rights for other letters soon (which made Chinese and Japanese very happy)” was very funny

sheetal June 22, 2010

can any one get such facts about yahoo as well? because even they had come up in very short span of time.

Vishwanath dalvi June 22, 2010

@sheetal V r looking for to It.. will post abt Yahoo also..

himanshu June 22, 2010

i have heard of pegabyte the 1st time. nice post. must read for every web user

reza July 26, 2010

excuseme? 57% of American kids say ‘Google’ as their first word!

what source do you have for this statment?

Neha March 14, 2011

Hey ! I am student whi=o is doing a research on google which demands each and every detail of it. If you have some other information regarding the same,please provide me ASAP !

Vishwanath dalvi March 14, 2011

Well,for this google is only source can help you ..
this are some useful links ..

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Emma Watson March 10, 2012

Wow! These are some interesting facts! If you don’t mind, could I please mention this on my twitter account? I absolutely adore Google since one of my ancestors is Sergey Brin. I would love all of my fans to check it out!

Emma Watson

Aditya Kane March 10, 2012

@Emma: Sure, You you can go ahead and tweet about this post.

irfan ahmad February 7, 2014

These was really fascinating facts… I liked that “There isn’t any restriction for proper dress code in the Google office. This may include pajamas and even super hero costumes.” lol

Thanks for sharing this.